Disney’s Truth Behind Maleficent : The Mistress of Evil

Senses Shah Shamshiri 18-Oct-2019

So Disney revealed the true nature of Maleficent in her first movie when she broke the curse of the famous ‘Sleeping Beauty’, her own God-daughter Princess Aurora. To the surprise of many, the gallant Prince Philip did not save the damsel in distress as told in the more popular fairy tale (and the animated version screened decades ago)

Well, fans of the dark fae should be pleased to know that the tale doesn’t end there. In Maleficent, Mistress of Evil, the disturbingly beautiful fairy god-mother of Princess Aurora once more interpreted by the talented Angelina Jolie returns to unfold another misconception regarding her involvement in the love affair between Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip.

In this sequel, Princess Aurora is now the queen of the Moors many years after her sleeping curse was broken by her fairy god-mother Maleficent. And after the long wait, Prince Phillip finally asks her hand in marriage.

To her dismay, Maleficent disapproves of the union as she still does not believe in true love, especially when it is given by humans.

Like any young princess who is deeply in love with her man, Aurora is disappointed with Maleficent’s stand regarding the engagement and tries to convince her that Phillip is not like other men and that the marriage would bring peace between the Moors and humans.


Little does Aurora know that her future mother-in-law, Queen Ingrith (cleverly played by Michelle Pfeifer) is also against the idea of her son Phillip marrying the god-daughter of Maleficent.

After a dinner invitation that goes horribly wrong at Prince Phillip’s castle home, Maleficent part ways with Aurora and is left in the care of her soon to be in-laws while waiting for the day of the wedding.


The angry Maleficent then gets injured thanks to Queen Ingrith’s evil plan and is rescued by someone of her own. This leads to more revelation about her true origin and what she is destined or chooses to be.


There are many surprises in this sequel and more visual feasts for those who love special effects in movies. However, like all Disney movies, this film is perfect for the whole family and should be able to entertain everyone who enjoys a good re-interpretation of a fairy tale.

Disney’s Maleficent, Mistress of Evil is currently showing in cinemas all over Malaysia starting October 17th, 2019.