The children of the Prophet (saw)

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Most of the scholars of all times agree that all the children of the Prophet (saw) except Ibrahim(R) were born from the womb of Khadijah(R). Ibrahim(R) was born from the womb of Maria Kibtiyah(R). Qasim was the first child of the Prophet (saw). Then Zaynab, Ruqaiyah, Umme Kulsum, Fatima(R) in turn. After that Abdullah was born. Then Ibrahim(R) was born in Madinah. The identity of each child is briefly given below:


He is the first of the children of the Prophet. He was born before the Prophethood. That is why Abul Qasim has become the nickname of the Prophet. There are differences of opinion as to how long he lived. Of these, 18 months is acceptable. He was the first of all the children of the Prophet to die.


He died in Makkah when he was a child. However, there is a difference of opinion as to whether he was born after or before the Prophethood. His titles were Tayyib (good) and Tahir (holy). However, according to some scholars, the Prophet had two more sons named Tayyib and Tahir. However, the accepted opinion is that these two are the titles of Abdullah(R).


Zaynab(R) is the eldest daughter amongst the children of the Prophet (saw). He was born when the Prophet was thirty years old. The Prophet (saw) married her to Abul As Ibn Rabi, the nephew of Khadijah(R). Khadijah(R) saw Abul As as her own child. This is why she gave her daughter to him. Abul As was a respected man in Makkah in trade, wealth, and faith. When the Prophet (saw) was honored with the Prophethood, Khadijah(R) and all her daughters believed in him; But Abul As did not.

In the eighth Hijri, Zaynab(R) died. She gave birth to two children – Ali and Usama.


The Prophet was 33 years old when Ruqaiyah(R) was born. While in Makkah, ‘Uthman ibn Affan(R) married her. The marriage took place when Abu Lahab’s son Utbah left her before the reunion. She had the good fortune of emigrating twice

with her husband, to Abyssinia and Madinah. She was endowed with brilliant beauty. She fell ill while the Muslims were on their way to the battle of Badr. The Messenger (saw) left ‘Uthman(R) in Madinah for her service. Ruqaiyah(R) died of this illness. Zaid(R) came to give them the good news of victory in the battle of Badr. But when he came, he saw that the grave of Ruqaiyah(R) was being leveled. In her womb a child named Abdullah was born. ‘Uthman(R) was nicknamed ‘Abu Abdullah’ after his born. Abdullah(R) died at the age of six. Then ‘Uthman(R) adopted the nickname ‘Abu Amr’ after the born of his son ‘Amr’.

Umme Kulsum

The real name of Umme Kulsum(R) is not known. She was known by the nickname ‘Umme Kulsum’. After the death of Ruqayyah(R), the Prophet married her to ‘Uthman(R). This was the event of the third Hijri. She spent her life as the wife of ‘Uthman(R). He died in the ninth Hijri. The Prophet (saw) himself performed her Janaza and prayed beside her grave. There were tears in his eyes at that time. ‘Uthman(R) was given the title of ‘Jun-nurain’ or ‘the possessor of two lights’ because of his marriage to the Prophet’s two daughters. Umme Kulsum did not have any children when she was the wife of ‘Uthman.


There is disagreement about the year of birth of Fatima(R). According to many historians, Fatima(R) was born in the first year of the Prophet’s prophethood. That is, at the age of Prophet’s 41 years.

The Prophet (saw) married her to ‘Ali(R). This marriage took place in the second year of the Hijri. Fatima(R) was the most beloved of the Prophet’s relatives. The Prophet (saw) would have been angry with her anger, would have been satisfied with her contentment.

The Prophet (saw) said,

“Fatima is a piece of my heart. Her skepticism makes me skeptical. Her pain hurts me.”

Fatima(R) is the leader of the women of this Ummah. Fatima(R) died six months after the death of the Prophet (saw). She was the mother of three sons – Hasan, Hussain, and Muhsin. Muhsin died when he was young. And was the mother of two daughters – Umme Kulsum and Zaynab. There was no successor for the Prophet (saw) except Fatima(R). Therefore, the honorable lineage of the Prophet(saw) has spread through his two grandsons Hasan(R) and Hussain(R). Umar(R) married Umme Kulsum, daughter of Fatima(R). They have two children named Zaid and Ruqaiyah. However, neither of them had any successor.


Ibrahim(R) was born in the month of dhul-hijjah in the 7th Hijri. His mother is Maria Kibtiyah(R). After his birth, the Prophet (saw) handed him over to Umme Saif; who was the wife of a blacksmith named Abu Saif. The Prophet (saw) often went to the highlands of Madinah to see Ibrahim(R). He would go there and see Ibrahim, love him, and kiss him. Then he would come back.

Ibrahim’s life span did not last long. He died at the age of breastfeeding. The Prophet (saw) said:

”Ibrahim is my son, he died at the age of breastfeeding. He has two stepmothers who will fulfill his milking period in Paradise.”

The sun was eclipsed on the day of Ibrahim’s death. So the people began to say that the sun had set to mourn for the death of Ibrahim. Upon hearing this, the Prophet (saw) said,

“No eclipse of the sun or the moon is due to the death. It is also not because of someone’s survival. If you see an eclipse of the sun or the moon, perform Salah and make du’a.”