Domestic travel and services sector will resume in Morocco

Grigory Matyunin 21-Jun-2020
Fotoğraf: Adam Niescioruk-Unsplash

The government of Morocco has announced that from the 24th June it will further loosen restrictions imposed to curtail the spread of coronavirus. The services sector will be able to partially resume operations and domestic travel will also start to operate again.

Catering and leisure businesses will be able to restart work, providing they operate at half of their normal capacity.

Flights and rail transport will resume throughout the country. International transport remains on hiatus.

Schools will not reopen until autumn. Mosques remain closed.

There was a recent spike in coronavirus infections with 457 cases declared on Friday in a location connected with a fruit packaging plant near Rabat. A field hospital was set up there.

As of Sunday morning, Morocco has had 9,957 cases including 213 deaths.

Morocco has distributed medical supplies and personal protective equipment to a range of African countries.