Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Islam Contributor

As much as this is not good for us, we tend to do this a lot – compare ourselves to others. What more in this era of social media, we can’t help but to compare our lifestyle to others. Studies have shown that spending most of your time scrolling through social media increases depression, envy and decreases well-being.

You might’ve heard this already but Instagram doesn’t paint a perfect picture of reality. People only choose what they want to show.

But of course, comparing yourself to others doesn’t only stem from time spent on social media. Sometimes you can’t help but to compare yourself to those around you.

Your neighbour might’ve bought a new car, your good friend might’ve gotten a huge promotion, you see friends travelling all over the world while you’re stuck paying your dues. Granted, these are all just examples but its these little things that will eventually have you question your worth and values in life.

Simply put, comparing yourself to others is the key to unhappiness. You will never truly be happy if you constantly feel the need to compete with others when the only person you should compete is with yourself.

“People have a bad habit of comparing themselves to others. Allah SWT has actually told us that He has favoured one of us in a unique way.

“You don’t know what Allah SWT has taken away from another and given them something you’re looking at. Perhaps if the same was taken away from you, you wouldn’t even cope and you wouldn’t manage,” said Mufti Menk in a video.

“And do not wish for that by which Allah has made some of you exceed others.” (Al-Nisa – 4:32).

“Don’t wish for and don’t yearn for that which Allah has blessed some above others. Praise Allah upon all conditons.

“The minute you look at someone else and start wishing for what they have, your contentment is diminished automatically because you are not happy.

“Rather concentrate what Allah has bestowed upon you and what He has given you and you won’t go wrong. You will have to adjust your life based on what Allah has given you.

“Some people have a lot but they lack sleep. Some people have very little but they sleep well. May Allah SWT grant us an understanding,” he advised.

“If you look carefully at this piece of advise, which is taken from the Quran, Surah An-Nisa, Allah SWT has helped us fine tune our thinking – we will be content when we realised we have been gifted,” he said.

But Mufti Menk said that in order to realise, one has to do a lot of thinking, understand and make do with what Allah has given them.

So the next time you compare yourself to others, remind yourself that Allah SWT has bestowed upon us an abundance of blessings, it’s just how we choose to view it.