dUCk Cosmetics Launches Exclusive Collection for X Men: Dark Phoenix

Style Syahirah Mokhtazar 03-Jun-2019

After Malaysian beauty brand dUCk Cosmetics collaborated with Fox Movies last year for a curated make-up set inspired by the movie Crazy Rich Asians, the two big names are back for yet another crazy cool make-up collaboration!

This time, dUCk has created a stunning and exclusive limited-edition make-up collection to commemorate the upcoming film X Men: Dark Phoenix.

The make-up set called Rise of The dUCk comprises of two eyeshadow palettes and four lipsticks are inspired by the personality of two sides of the main character; Jean Grey and the Dark Phoenix.

General Manager of the dUCk Group Kho Min-Jee shared a little about how the collaboration came about when it was launched at an event held in Kuala Lumpur, recently.

“This has been in the works for about a year already. In fact, when we were in talks with FOX Movies about the collaborations, this movie (X Men: Dark Phoenix) came first before Crazy Rich Asians.

“But it just so happened that Crazy Rich Asians was premiered first,” she said.

While the dUCk and Crazy Rich Asians collaboration saw dUCk curating make-up sets from existing products, with X Men: Dark Phoenix, the whole entire collection was built from scratch.

“Since the idea came about a year ago, that gave us time to come up with the colours that would represent Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix,” she added.


Interestingly, the entire collection comes in an amazing packaging with gold glitter and is also available in a set which forms an X.

To capture the essence of both Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix, dUCk created two different palettes but created in such a way that one wouldn’t be complete without the other, so the palettes are designed with a magnetic spine that snaps together, creating a complete silhouette of two personalities.

“The two palettes named Ember and Ashes offer some pretty psychedelic and bold colours,” said Kho Min-Jee.

Ember (right) features intense shades to recreate the personality of the unbridled Dark Phoenix (think wild and fierce), while Ashes, on the other hand, features subtle shades to create looks off the poised Jean Grey (think calm and sweet). Each palette consists of eight shades that feature a mix of matte, shimmer and crystallized duo-chromatic colours.

Meanwhile, all four lipsticks are pretty bold in colours too.  With names like Perfection, Madame, Flare and Spark, they are all power-packed with intense pigmentation and glides on in a velvet matte finish.

A little about the colours; Perfection is a deep fuchsia, while Madame is a beautiful shade of maroon brown, Flare is a warm shade of brown and Spark is a warm nude shade.

The make-up collection is available via dUCk stores in Malaysia and Singapore. Alternatively, they can also be purchased online via and