Effro, The Effortless Way To Plan Events

Planning an event is a massive task which can be daunting and stressful. Ever wanted to host a birthday party only to find yourself scratching your head over where or how to find a suitable emcee? How about finding the perfect venue to host a launch party?

Thankfully, technology has made our lives incredibly easy with tools and services made available to minimise our problems and increase productivity.

Enter Effro, a B2B Events Hiring Technology Platform from Singapore. Effro is a user-friendly platform that brings Events Organisers and Events Service providers such as venues, vendors, events talents and influencers in one online events marketplace. In an era where consumers thrive on one-stop hubs, think of this as your one stop platform to find everything you need to set up an event.

Currently, it has 1200 talents and 300 clients on its Singapore platform and now it has launched its platform in Thailand and most recently, Malaysia.

“We wanted to move overseas when we realised that the problems we faced in Singapore (event industry) is the same across South East Asia,” said founder Adam Tan.

“We wanted to consolidate resources from all-over South-East Asia into a single platform. It doesn’t matter if you are in Singapore and want to organise an event in Kuala Lumpur, you can actually hire all these resources on a single platform.

“We want to become the preferred integrated platform for events that houses quality resources. The events industry needs that push towards technology advancement.

“Event organisers face a common problem when they need to hire talents. For example, when you need an emcee, do you need a wedding emcee or a birthday party emcee?” said Adam.

He said that with Effro, users can search for what the right resources accordingly, based on the type of events they are hosting.

“We wanted to reduce the search time from hours to minutes. With our platform it allows event organisers and service providers to touch base on the quotations as well.

“With all these features, it allows both event organisers and service providers to be accountable,” he said.

In addition to Malaysia, efforts are underway for the company’s expansion to Indonesia and Hong Kong by year end and will be looking to expand into the rest of South East Asia in the coming year.

To find out more about Effro, head to its page at https://pages.effro.com/win/ or www.effro.com.my