Ego vs confidence: Defining the blurred line between them

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Ego vs confidence
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Ego Vs confidence, they are always mistaken one for another. Throughout our lives, we were taught to stand up for ourselves and keep a strong appearance. But at the same, we were warned from wandering over that territory marked “Ego”. Having self-esteem and being confident in one’s abilities could lead to success in every aspect of life. When you believe in what you can offer to the table, people sit and listen. Believing in actions but not in words is not a cliché, rather, it is a life motto for those who rock that confidence. The difference between both is always blurred and hard to define, therefore here are few ways to define the line.

Ego Vs Confidence

The first stage of knowing the difference between Ego Vs Confidence is to believe in your capabilities. You have to radiate that confidence and allow yourself to feel you’re unique in something. If some perceive this as bragging, it is their fault for being judgmental, not you. If you’re good, then this is who you truly are and it is not wrong to admit that in front of others. But this is where the fine line starts between confidence and ego. Over-focusing on admitting your abilities will move you closer to overpromising.

Look for flaws

Ego Vs Confidence, both come with a shield that covers all flaws. However, Mr. “know it all” has that mindset of being able to do anything, regardless of the capabilities at hand. If egoists receive negative feedback, they don’t admit their faults and keep making excuses to cover up their failures. In some cases, they put the blame on other people to comfort their ego. Regardless, try to work on that feedback. Listen, learn and improve yourself to earn that confidence. Admitting your flaws is confidence in itself. Confident people tend to be careless of perfect appearance, not just looks, but mindset and personality as well.

Reclaim your confidence

We all love compliments that spark our self-confidence in seconds. It feels like heaven when someone compliments something about yourself. BUT, the trick in Ego Vs Confidence lies here. Getting a compliment and looking for one to satisfy yourself are two different things. The last thing a confident person seeks is validation from others to feel good. The most confident people never wait for others to confirm. Unlike an egoist who would constantly brag or jump a ship to get validation.

Ego vs confidence: Learning to lose

How it feels when you lose is similar to everyone. No one loves losing a card game, a match, or simply an argument. However, if you look for the line in Ego Vs Confidence, look for cheating or lying. This is the egoists’ defense mechanism when it comes to any situation that could depict them as inferior. Since childhood, egotistical people in school tend to avoid learning. After growing up, that same person will always fear failure and never accept it. But it is okay not to be successful all the time. How can you know the essence of success without experiencing failure? A setback is just a stair towards learning and improving self-confidence.

Self-centered attitude

Egotistical people tend to be overly self-centered. In any situation, they always put themselves under the spotlight. For example, when a friend talks about a personal issue, an egoist would react by relating that issue back to themselves, rather than listening to offer help. If you caught yourself acting this way, stop because you’re mixing between Ego and Confidence. No one would be close to some who only care about themselves. A confident person stays away from self-centrism and selfish attitudes.

Speaking less

Someone with an ego would speak more than listen. They only want to speak up their perspective and interrupt anyone trying to disapprove. A strong belief of being always right hunts them. But this is not how it should be. During a disagreement, try to hear the other person and respect differences. In case of feedback, analyze it and learn from it, don’t just ignore it because it is inconvenient for you.


(Written by Yara Lotfy)

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