Eid Celebrations: Don’t Overindulge!

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It’s easy to go overboard with indulging delicious traditional Eid dishes or sweet treats especially after a month of devotion and restraint in Ramadan. Overindulging during the festive season is always a given. What more when surrounded by friends and family members, the number of bites and slices of cakes go unnoticed when you’re too busy laughing over fond memories shared together.

Let’s take a step back and welcome Eid al-Fitr with open arms, but also with some self-control when you spot a table full of delicious treats.

Here are some tips to avoid overindulging during Eid al-Fitr celebrations.



You must remember that your body has adjusted to a certain routine during Ramadan as you stop eating at dawn and breakfast at sunset. Go easy and take it one step at a time to avoid leaving your body in ‘shock’.

Ideally, control your portions if you want to taste a little bit of everything. Keep in mind your calorie intake for the day and try to work your way around it. Be smart – if you had indulged in a big meal at your first house visit or family gathering, don’t overdo it at the next house.


One of the easiest ways to go get carried away with overindulging is simply by having one too many sweet drinks to wash down those delectable appetising dishes. Try to limit yourself on the number of sugary drinks you take a day throughout Eid gatherings.

When there is an increase in insulin levels, it contributes to rapid weight gain, so you’ll likely gain the weight you lost during Ramadan, and then some!

You will probably be offered a lot of coffee and tea too, but this leads to too much caffeine if taken many times in a day. This ultimately increases the stress level in your body and disturbs your sleep.

The same goes for Eid sweets. Whether it’s cookies, cakes, any type of sweet treats – don’t overindulge in them. It’s okay to say no if you think you’ve had enough for the day.



Consuming too much greasy food could potentially damage the lining of the stomach and can cause indigestion. Again, it’s not wrong to want to try oil food but don’t go overboard. Ideally, choose dishes that are cooked with less oil. The lesser the greasy food, the lesser the chances of suffering from indigestion. Focus on indulging in a lot of food with high fibre intake.


Staying hydrated throughout Eid celebrations is important but do so with plain water as much as you can. Besides helping you to feel fresh and energetic throughout the day, you can enjoy it to the fullest as it has 0 calories! Drink a glass of water each time before you devour a plate full of goodness as it helps digestion.



While it’s important to stay as healthy as you can this Eid, don’t punish yourself either by refraining completely from the delicious meals offered during the festive season. It’s a time to enjoy and celebrate, after all.

If you happen to be super indulgent one day, eat lightly on the following day. Or do some exercises to help burn off some calories, and to avoid feeling sluggish.

Eid Mubarak!


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