Explore pre-Islamic Mecca 1400 years ago via Light Art VR

Seek Syahirah Mokhtazar 03-May-2019

We have yet to invent a functioning time travelling machine, but thanks to technology, the closest thing we can do to travel back in time is to immerse ourselves in a different era via a virtual reality experience.

How would you like to visit pre-Islamic Mecca 1400 years ago, before the night of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) first revelation? A company based in the United States called Light Art VR has created a one-of-a-kind experience for viewers to go back in time to visit the pre-Islamic Mecca and relive historic moments.

Still relatively new having launched its revolutionary project ‘Mecca: A Journey Through Time’ at the recent Malaysia International Halal Showcase held in Kuala Lumpur, its website states that the seven-minute immersive experience lets viewers explore the ins and outs of the world’s greatest hub, then and now.

The team is made up of Muhammad Bayazid (director/producer), Samah Safi Bayazid (director/producer) and Fahim Aref (chief financial officer).

Samah mentioned that the VR experience is equipped with crisp 8k Resolution picture and incorporated with a sensory-stimuli for motion, scent and sound – thus allowing for an incredibly exciting way for viewers to explore a different era.

The founders also take a fully immersive approach in story-telling, where audiences are not just watching the story, but living inside each scene! They can take a look around 360 degrees, to fully immerse themselves in the historical era.

“This is an experience that you can only get by trying on the VR headset. It’s very entertaining and beautiful,” said Samah.

“Even though we have just launched in Malaysia, this will soon be available across museums, movie theatres, theme parks, Islamic schools, da’wah centres, and any place that’s open for entertainment around the world,” she said.

Find out more about Light Art VR at https://www.lightartvr.com/.

Photo credit: Screenshot from www.lightartvr.com website.