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Bright red nail-polish on Nur Fazura’s fingernails instantly grabs attention as she gestures her hand during this interview.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s halal nail-polish so it’s wudhu-friendly. I can still perform my prayers” she says with a beaming smile when she realised her colourful nails had intrigued those around her.

Staying ahead of the fashion and beauty curve is done with no exception for Fazura. If she needs to wear water permeable nail-polish in order to have her nails look good, so be it.

Fazura, or Faz as she often calls herself is regarded as one of Malaysia’s elite celebrity who has a wardrobe many would envy. Her passion for fashion goes way back, as proven in one of her throwback photos to a 12-year-old Fazura sporting a sleeveless Chanel top paired with a black hat and an expression as fierce as Sasha Fierce (Beyonce’s alter ego).

Oh and, she’s also a celebrity fashion designer who owns her own line of ready to wear garments called Fazbulous (Fazura + fabulous, get it?)

A passionate actress and singer, Fazura certainly lives life in the fab lane, with her heartthrob actor husband Fattah Amin, by her side.

Rummage through her Instagram page (@missfazura) and you’ll find that her feed is filled to the brim with fashionable outfit-of-the-day posts, travel photos, and the occasional selfies. It’s only a peek inside her glamorous life that she shares with her 4.6 million Instagram followers.

Fans adore her beauty and chic sense of style which she pairs with an affable and charming personality.


We should never judge one’s connection with Allah S.W.T based on what we see. It is something that is intangible, and something that can only be felt from the heart, not seen with the eyes.

For the past five years during  the month of Ramadan, Fazura has been known to wear the hijab. Despite mixed reactions to this, Fazura says it’s a way of showing her respect for the holy month.

“Everybody has their own spiritual path, and this is mine. Somewhere deep down in my heart, I have the desire to wear the headscarf, but I know that I am not fully ready for it now,” she says.

But Fazura says she feels happy and at peace when she dons the hijab during Ramadan. “I strive to attain istiqamah (steadfastness) too and that’s another reason I choose to wear the headscarf for Ramadan.”

But among the sea of fans who adore her effort to better herself as a Muslim, there are people who question her actions before criticising her for taking it off once Ramadan ends.

“Even if you walk on water, haters will say it’s because you can’t swim. At the end of the day people, especially haters, will say what they want and you can’t stop them.”

“I stopped caring too much about what people say, what’s important is that Allah SWT knows my intention and whatever I do, I do it for Him.”

“I constantly remind myself to accept criticism with an open mind and stay positive,” she says.

This holy month after all, is meant for self-reflection, growth and change for the better. When a person decided to change their ways for a month or even a day, it may be extremely rewarding in ways that we can’t see or describe.



As we know, the hijab is more than just a cloth that covers the head. When a woman decides to wear the headscarf, she has to take into factor how she conducts herself around others. Islam regards hijab as an embodiment of modesty, virtue and respect.

With all those factors in mind, Fazura knows embodying the hijab is something that’s not to be taken lightly.

“It’s a little bit more complex than it seems because of my involvement with the entertainment industry.

“I don’t want to be wearing it half-heartedly. There are certain things that I want to achieve in my career first as a singer and actress,” she says.


Fazura married her husband after dating for only 6 months. Being two of the most talked about celebrities in Malaysia, their secret wedding on November 27, 2017 caused quite a stir in the media and among their fans. But as they say, fate works in wondrous ways.

Fazura admitted she felt a little intimidated in the beginning when Fattah brought her to meet his family for the first time, knowing very well that he comes from a pious family.

“His mother and sisters wear the hijab so it was nerve-wracking just because I didn’t know how they would react to Fattah dating someone like me.

“Thankfully, they were all so welcoming and not at all judgmental. It was such a relief and I am so blessed to have in-laws who accept me for who I am.”

“It goes the same for Fattah, who never once forced me to put on the headscarf. The fact that I have the intention to wear the hijab one day is good enough for him already,” she says.



Fazura began her career in showbiz by hosting a television show called Teens World before landing small acting roles. She had her big break when she starred in the film Gol & Gincu, in 2005.

Since then she landed various lead roles in multiple Malaysian movies and television series. She met her husband while on set of a television series called Hero Seorang Cinderella (Hero of Cinderalla) which was filmed in 2017.

After winning a string of awards along the way, Fazura then ventured into the music industry and launched her first single titled ‘Sayangi Dirimu’, which became the theme song for ‘Facing Up to Fazura’, her reality show which was aired on E! News Asia in December that same year. Then she went on to release more singles including ‘Bangun,’ ‘Bisa Apa‘ and ‘Bulan Terbelah Di Langit Amerika.’

The following years she teamed up with international acts like Taufik Batisah from Singapore for the song ‘Like Fireflies‘ which also featured fellow Malaysian singer Ning Baizura. In 2017, she worked with Filipino singer Jason Dy for ‘Nothing Like Pag-ibig’ as well as international acclaimed Indonesian singer Anggun in 2018 for the single ‘The Good Is Back.’

Her eponymous album ‘Fazura’ which comprises of nine songs was released in 2017. In January 2019, she released her latest single ‘Can’t Forget Me,’ a song which was recorded in Los Angeles the year before. She was also lucky enough to share the stage with Westlife’s Shane Filan during a concert held in Malaysia a few months ago.

Follow Fazura’s fashionable updates at @missfazura on Instagram.


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