Fara Fauzana, Girl Gone Digital

Fara Fauzana is exceptionally good at reading people. Let’s just say it’s a hidden talent of hers. A quick scroll through a stranger’s Instagram page, she’s able to point out their personality traits just by looking at their photos without reading the captions.

To prove this skill of hers, she explored the Instagram page of our fashion stylist for this photoshoot whom she has never met before, during this interview. It didn’t take long for her to elaborately describe the stylist’s personality, to which she was freakishly accurate.

Not many have the ability to read others like an open book. For Fara’s case, she can read others like an Instagram page.

Though we’re not as good when it comes to reading people through Instagram, Fara’s page on the photo-sharing app gives us a good sense of her personal life. Plenty of photos of her having a good time with friends shows how much she cherishes friendships. Girl outings are a must (she’s also a dear friend to Malaysia’s no.1 singer, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza) but she also balances life with nature, as seen in her photos from her outdoor adventures. Her idea of a spontaneous act? Book a last minute flight to Tokyo for a three-day trip, just because she can!

Beyond this hidden talent she possesses, Fara is multitalented in many other ways, which the public of Malaysia is highly aware of.

A host, radio announcer, actress, businesswoman, Fara makes a case for being one of the greatest hustlers in Malaysian showbiz.



An alumni of Universiti institut Teknologi Mara (UiTM), a public university in Malaysia with a background in Public Relations, Fara began her humble beginnings in the media industry as a radio announcer back in 2004 for a Malaysian radio station called EraFM. But it wasn’t until she joined another popular radio station HotFM, when she experienced her vertiginous ascent to stardom.

In all fairness, she worked tirelessly for it. Being a morning radio announcer isn’t all rainbows and unicorns due to the odd working hours, but she committed to it for 10 years, entertaining radio listeners in the morning as they make their daily commute. They loved her. She was and still is witty, smart and funny.

It was proven just how much fans (who fans adoringly call her Fafau) admired her, otherwise she wouldn’t have walked away with the Most Popular Female Radio Announcer nine years in a row (2006 to 2014)  from one of Malaysia’s prestigious award shows, Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian.

In addition to helming the morning show for HotFM, Fara showcased her other talents in hosting and acting as well. She hosted multiple television shows and even landed the lead role in a sitcom titled, well, ‘Fara.’

After a decade of serving the popular radio station, Fara left the station with a tearful goodbye in 2016. Fans were uncertain about Fara’s plan for her future. After a string of personal projects here and there, here we are three years later talking about Fara’s new journey in the digital world.



Back during her time in HotFM, Fara helmed the morning radio host with a co-host named Faizal Ismail. Besides Fara, Faizal was arguably one of the most reputable radio and TV male personalities in Malaysia too. He too left the radio scene to start his own online show called FBI Live, a Facebook live streaming show which discusses everything under the sun.

When Faizal invited Fara to join him on the show, ratings skyrocketed. Seeing it as an opportunity to expand the show, Faizal rebranded the show to DBilique, a fancier term for ‘di bilik’ in Malay, which translates to ‘In the room’ in English.

The show now provides unique and personality-driven content, and engages with audiences through topics that are relatable, be it news or infotainment.

The concept is simple, as ‘DBilique’ refers to the comfort of being in your room at home. Fara and Faizal host it in a home, in different rooms each time.

The transition from helming the morning radio show to hosting live shows on social media has been fun for Fara. It’s almost as if fans are witnessing a new era in the career of this hardworking woman.

“You just have to embrace change in life. The internet is something we go to for everything now.  Digital is the way to go. Like it or not, you just have to move with the current times,” she said.

Adapting to the evolution of digital media is the reason she has become extremely savvy with social media.

“As a public figure, I think it’s really important to stay connected with the public via social media.”



Despite all that success, the one personality trait that remains within Fara is that she’s an extremely sentimental and practical person. To this day, she still owns and uses the very first handbag and car she purchased and she still lives in the very first house she bought when she was 25.

​“At that age, when everyone was chasing after luxury handbags, I was busy looking to buy a home.”

She now owns several homes, but still chooses to live in the first home she bought.

“I live alone since I’m not married yet. I feel that the space I have in my small home is more than enough for me alone.”

After she bought her first home, Fara found herself developing a passion towards real estate. She attended seminars and befriended people who were knowledgeable about buying properties.

In one of the homes that she owns, she transformed it into a vacation rental home.

“For the young women who wish to look for a home, my advise is to buy what’s available, even if the location is not to your preference.

“Think of it as an investment. You can always sell it off later,” she said.



A thriving career, great set of friends, a supportive family, Fara has it all. But if there’s one more thing she wishes to accomplish one day, it’s to build a daycare centre for the elderly.

Think of it as an adult equivalent to baby daycare centres. “This would work well for children who still live with parents, but don’t want them to be all alone when they go to work.”

With all the things she has achieved in her career, SalamToday believes she’ll be able to accomplish anything she puts her mind to.


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