Feeling Stressed? Pinterest’s Latest Feature Can Help You Relax

Seek Syahirah Mokhtazar 24-Jul-2019

Pinterest now offers its users a new feature that goes beyond just pinning their interests and inspirations in the form of videos or images to their boards.

The social network has rolled out a series of interactive guided activities designed to help users to relax if they are feeling emotionally unwell.

The goal behind the activities is to help users improve their emotional states. The activities include relaxation and self-compassion exercises.

A post by the Pinterest Newsroom described the features as ‘emotional well-being activities’ you can do if you’re feeling ‘stressed, anxious or sad.’

​“People will see a prompt to explore these resources when they search for things like “stress quotes,” “work anxiety” or other terms that indicate they might be feeling down. The experience is not meant to replace the professional care, but it may help someone if they need support,” read the statement.

As for privacy concerns, users need not worry as all activities are stored anonymously using a third-party service. All interactions with the activities are private and not connected to their account.

Pinterest shared that while people mainly go to the platform to find inspiration through searches like ‘creative ways to express yourself’, they acknowledge that not everything is always rainbows and sunshine in everyday life. It was noted that last year, millions of Pinterest searches were related to emotional health.

With that in mind, Pinterest wants to create a more compassionate and actionable experience to address a broader emotional spectrum.

The collection of emotional well-being activities will be available to everyone in the US over the coming weeks via the app in iOS and Android (version 7.25), but hopefully, all Pinners will get to benefit from the experience in the future.


Source: Pinterest News Room