First Marvel Muslim Superhero To Get Own TV Series

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to surprise its fans in various (and good) ways.

In what is considered an important milestone for MCU, its first Muslim Marvel character, Kamala Khan which was debuted in 2014 will get her live-action TV series on streaming channel Disney Plus.

The big news was confirmed by Marvel boss Kevin Feige, according to a report by the Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to that, Kamala Khan would appear in upcoming Marvel films as well!

It’s about time Muslims are better represented in Hollywood, as the interpretation of Muslim characters in La-la land has not always been done positively – we have yet to come across the concept of a Muslim character saving the day, let alone be a superhero.

It’s about time the tide changes in Hollywood so to see this coming together is beyond amazing.

In a previous interview with Variety, Feige said: “When you have diverse voices, you get better stories and you get more exciting stories, you get more surprising stories. And that is very clear.”

Kamala Khan, known as Ms. Marvel made history when she was introduced as the first Muslim Marvel character to headline her title.

The superhero is a Pakistan-American girl from New Jersey who grew up idolizing Captain Marvel (played by Brie Larson in the MCU). Ultimately, she becomes a superhero in her own right. Similar to Spider-Man, Kamala lives life as a typical teenager, but one that balances two distinct lifestyles.

Ms. Marvel collections have been nominated for six Eisner awards and had won the Hugo Award for Best Comic in 2015 – so she is a pretty big deal alright.

Details such as the release date or plot details or more importantly who would play the lead character were however not revealed so we’ll just have to wait!


Source: The Hollywood Reporter  


Photo: Marvel Comics