Five useful apps for learning the Quran

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Nowadays, learning the Quran has become much easier. Therefore, even if one gets such an opportunity, if one is reluctant to learn the Quran, it will undoubtedly be a great injustice to him. And he will have no chance to answer in the court of Allah.

There are now many online and offline mediums for easy Quran learning. There are many apps for learning the Quran. One of the simplest means is the various apps for learning Quran. This article discusses five easy and useful apps that we hope will accelerate your Quran learning journey.

1) Quran Android

This is a very important app. Although everyone has different preferences for Quran apps, we have found this app to be very useful for daily Quran recitation. This is because the app has text in the light of Uthmani Mushaf and it has 20 pages per para and 20 lines on each page. Which helps the reader to read easily.

2) Learn Quran

Are you ready to learn 50% of Quranic words in just 9 hours? You can do it through this app InshaAllah. Even if you are very busy, you can easily learn the meaning of the Quran through this app. Do you still think that learning the Qur’an is very difficult? With this app, your misconception will be shattered.

This is an official app for learning the meaning of the Quran. In the app, you will find some courses for learning the Quran. You can start with whichever you prefer. You will have a progress bar in front of you on how far you have progressed in each course; through which you can understand how far you have come. So if you are interested in learning the Quran, check the app now without delay.

3) Radio FM

If you are not used to listening to the recitation of the Qur’an on the radio to learn the Qur’an, you will not understand how effective it is. You can easily listen to the recitations of various famous people of the world through Radio FM without sitting idle in the moments when you are in the office, at home, at leisure or in a vehicle. Download the radio app on your Android today, tune in to the

Quran 24/7 channel and correct your Quran recitation by listening to the captivating recitations of world-famous reciters.

4) El-Mohafez

This app is very useful for memorizing the Quran. Choose the part or verse of the Quran that you want to memorize and keep moving forward as the app guides you. One of the great advantages of this app is that it can record the recitation when you recite it and will later correct any mistakes in your recitation. In addition to this, you can also keep track of how much you have memorized.

5) Dictionaries

Baidu Institute’s DU Dictionary app is a great app. Which displays results offline as well as online. It follows the Al-Mawrid Dictionary and also shows how each word searched is used in a sentence. It also has a Quran section where simple translations of every word of the Quran are available.

The dictionary is a unique collection for Quran learners who are interested in learning the meaning of the Qur’an. A big advantage of the dictionary is that many words can be found from just a one-word root and an easy sample of how it is used in sentences can also be found.

Hopefully, these apps will be very useful for anyone who is interested in learning the Quran. May Allah grant us the grace to recite the Qur’an correctly as well as to understand its meaning. Ameen.

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