Follow These If You Want Happiness in Life

Islam Contributor
Joy and Happiness

Sometimes frustration surrounds our lives. We feel overwhelmed and exhausted. We are worried about our future life. Because of this we often fall prey to depression. Many times our feelings turn to be a matter of perception. Let’s see what is around us with a positive sight and that can bring happiness in our life.

What can we actually do to make ourselves feeling better? And what talents that Allah has given us to make use of? What capabilities can we develop to make our future better?

Didn’t Allah give us the greatest gift ever? Our faith in Him and love for Him in our hearts?

Let’s look at the shining side of our life.

Blessings That Almighty Has Given Us

Many times we are so lost in our problems that we are unable to feel the joy and happiness in life. We always fail to see the blessings around us. We also fail to see the capabilities that Allah has bestowed us with.

Let’s make an effort to see and feel the joy in our life. And let’s find a reason to enlighten every single day of our life.

Are you good in some work? (i.e. speaking or writing or computer skills or any other amazing skill). Thank Allah for it and use that skill to drag you out of your anxiety about the future. Also try to develop this skill further to help you set up your independent life.

If we only see the negative things and ignore the positive things which we have, we will fall deeper and deeper into darkness. Let’s say thank to our most merciful Creator for giving us the blessing of life, the blessing of believing in Him.

Also thank Allah for the skills and talents He has gifted you with.

The Greatest Gift: The Gift of Faith

We have to remember that Allah has given us an amazing gift. The most beautiful and the most important gift that one can have in this world. Allah has planted faith in our hearts. He has kindled the light of faith and love for Him in our hearts. Let’s make this light shining.

Our faith in Allah, is an amazing source of happiness and joy. It can erase the darkness from our heart. Turning to Him, we can find peace and relief.

He is Listening

Whenever you feel depressed or fear for your future, you should go to talk to Allah. Talk to Him in your prayers. Meet Him in your supplications. Tell Him about your problems and pour out your heart to Him.

Remember, Allah is waiting for you. He is the Best Listener we can have. We can tell Him anything that comes to our mind without any hesitation.

Allah is Always with you! He is nearer than the cord of your neck. It is He, who brings us out of darkness into the light.

We just have to do a small effort. We have to make the first small move. And Allah then shows you the right way, the way that leads to His pleasure and to your success in this world and hereafter.

If you feel left alone with your worries, rush to meet Allah in prayers or by remembering Him in your heart. Allah says in Quran that only in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find peace, rest and comfort.

Our Faith is our Happiness

Let’s try and make an effort everyday to add a little bit more joy and a drop more happiness to our life. See all the beautiful things around you and feel the great amount of blessings Allah has bestowed on you.

Once you find joy and happiness in Islam, your life in this world will become easier. Any problem will not seem that frustrates you. Feelings like anxiety or fear will become less.

May all readers and all Muslims find true joy and happiness in their worldly life and hereafter life. (Ameen)