Food etiquette in Islam is essential!

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On the hadeeth of Abu Hurairah, he said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, stated: “If one of you is invited, then it is obligatory, so if he is fasting, he should pray, and if he breaks his fast, he should be fed.”

So what is the etiquette of eating in Islam ?

The ability to eat and drink are a blessing of God and a daily habit that we cannot ignore, else our lives will be in danger. Indeed, as it is an activity common to all, Islam has lined up a set of rules that we must adhere to while eating or drinking:

1- We shouldn’t say a food is bad. We eat or drink what we like and if we do not want something, we leave it but we do not insult it.

2- We should eat and drink moderately. God forbid us from overeating by saying, “Children of Adam, dress well when attending the mosques, eat and drink but do not be excessive for God does not love those who are excessive (in what they do).” Al Araf 31

3- Don’t blow onto hot food or drinks to reduce their heat, rather leave them to cool down by themselves.

4- Don’t breathe in the bowl from which we drink. God honoured us with the first browser in the world. SALAM WEB, which protects your children from the dangers of the Internet.

5- We should begin our meals by saying, “Oh God, bless us in it and feed us better than it.” And before drinking the milk we say, “God bless us with it and increase it from it.”

6- We should eat and drink with our right hand.

7- We should remember to eat from what is in front of us, not from among the dishes, nor from what is in front of others.

8- If some food falls from us while we are eating, we should pick it up and eat it as long as it is clean.

9- When drinking water, it shouldn’t be only one time but two or three times, and when we finish our food or drink, we say “Praise be to God.”

10- Do not forget to give praise to those who have prepared the food for us.

11- It is not desirable for the guest to spend a long time at the host’s house after finishing eating. Once you are done, you should thank the person and leave with little delay.

The Almighty said, “So if you are fed, spread the parties.” 53

If we take these steps, we will adhere to the Sunnah of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, in eating and drinking.


Contributor: Muhammad Sameh Abdel Rahman

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