For many of us, the pandemic should be a wake-up call

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Как вести себя мусульманину в период пандемии коронавируса?
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For many of us, this pandemic will be a wake-up call as we may now start to realise and notice things that we didn’t before. Prior to the pandemic, we may have been too consumed by our own lives. We may now be feeling stressed and unsettled by the drastic changes we see happening around us. It can push us towards despair and hopelessness.

Perhaps we may feel that in our lives we have not experienced tragic events. Perhaps our lives were generally going smoothly and we think that we have not had to go through a lot of difficulty.

We need to remind ourselves that even though we may not have experienced this kind of difficulty, there are countless people who have. Many people around the world have had to struggle through the most unimaginable and tragic circumstances – people who live in exactly the same world as us. There are so many events in history from which we can see that there were disasters and tragedies.

Aside from in history, even today and in recent years there are so many people who are facing a lot much hardship as they battle the virus or have lost loved ones to the virus. Others are suffering the impact the virus is having on the economy and jobs.

We need to try and foster a global and more conscious mentality that considers those around us and people around the world. It is not just us who struggle, and there is always going to be someone that is struggling more than us.

Those of us who were living a somewhat ‘normal’ life prior to the pandemic may not have been opening our eyes or being as conscious of the disasters and tragedies that people were already facing all around the world.

Now that we may be feeling as though life has become difficult due to the pandemic, we are realising and understanding that hardships and extreme difficulties do exist. We realise and understand more easily that this life was not supposed to be simple and easy for us, as it was written by Allah to be a test. We read in the Holy Qur’an:

“[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed – and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving.” (Qur’an 67:2)

We need to understand that if now we feel that we are going through a great deal of hardship, we will be able to empathise with people who have been struggling for their whole lives or lived through more difficulty than us. We will think of them and not be so consumed by our own lives. We will want to help them, and we will become more generous and considerate of others.

As we struggle through these uncertain times, we will feel closer to Allah as we realise that no one else can truly help us. We realise that He has power over all things, so only he can change circumstances. We will be more motivated to make du’aa to Him. And we will not be as focused on this life and our worldly dreams.

We will become more focused on improving ourselves as believers, as we will be more conscious of about life, death and illness. We will realise and understand better that this life is not eternal – we will think and prepare more for the Hereafter. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said in hadith:

“The life of this world compared to the hereafter is as if one of you were to put his finger in the ocean and take it out again then compare the water that remains on his finger to the water that remains in the ocean.” (Muslim)

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