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Sights Contributor 02-Aug-2019

There are tens of thousands picturesque captures of Maldives on the internet. Its white bone sandy beaches, emerald green sea that changes tones to turquoise blue as the sun rays touches its oceans is a picture-perfect paradise on earth with other-worldly luxuries. At that moment one can’t help but to fall in love with Maldives. And fell in love I did as I stood and buried my feet in the sand of Kuramathi and Kurumba Island.


A love Story in Kuramathi

Maldives has always been known for the celebration of love among honeymooners. However, Kuramathi is not only about the celebration of romantic love. This island also treasures its nature for nature lovers to learn, appreciate and embrace its beautiful natural environment.

Being one of the five islands located of the Rasdhoo Atoll, it is situated 56 kilometres of Male’ International Airport. Getting there will be a breeze as the resort offers seaplane or speedboat transfer for guests. It is a 20 minute flight to the island or 90 minutes if guests decide to take the speed boat.

As one reaches the 1.8 kilometres island rest assured that you are in good hands. The staff welcomes you with warm smiles and will give assistance to every information needed for that memorable vacation.

Guests have a myriad choices of villas to stay at. One can choose to stay in a lush garden villa, part of the villas in secluded areas of long beaches or choose a taste of luxury with private pools and hot tub villas.

No vacation is complete without having the most tasteful dining experience. At Kuramathi the guests will be spoiled with choices. Nine a la carte restaurants featuring a range of cuisines to suit your every taste bud. Among the ala carte restaurants are Kobe, Tandoor Mahal, Siam Garden and The Reef. If one preferred a widespread of delicacies there are three buffet restaurants with international themed dining which guests can choose from. For a more romantic dinner ambience guests can book a private dinner on a secluded corner of the beach.

For nature lovers who crave for the sound of waves, diving in to explore the marine science and ecosystem, this is the place to be. Lies in Kuramathi, an award winning Eco Centre which provides guests detailed insights of the underwater world through its visual presentations led by a resident Marine Biologist. The most magnificent exhibition on display at the Eco Centre is a huge sperm whale skeleton that would surely captivate any guest visiting the centre. As Kuramathi strives to maintain and protect its environment, they practice eco-friendly approaches within their operations. Guests could explore the resort’s Hydroponic Garden where nearly 1000 kilograms of produce is grown monthly on a 900 square metre area without using any soil. This environmental sustenance awareness is important to inculcate green living and e-technology for our generation.

This beautiful secluded island is not short of any of its facilities. Kuramathi has its own medical centre and features hyperbaric (decompression) chamber. It is equipped with facilities which caters for major diving accidents or other emergencies. The medical staff consists of a diving medical officer and a general practitioner.

For those who come to this beautiful island with children Bageecha Kids Club offers plenty of activities to occupy the children while you and your partner get a well-deserved relaxing and romantic holiday.

Having spent that romantic luxurious vacation surrounded by existential beauty of nature, it is a perfect love story to tell everyone about Kuramathi.


A love Shared in Kurumba

Love only grows by sharing. And sharing your memorable vacation on this first private island resort in the Maldives is the place where you want to spend your time with your loved ones.

This family friendly resort is only 10 minutes by speedboat from Male airport. Quite convenient for those who travel with little children or need a quick island holiday fix. Although the island is not as secluded as the rest of the islands in Maldives, its brilliant white beaches, dazzling blue sea, surrounded by its natural greenery, will still get you that exclusive island retreat vacation you have been dreaming of.

The choice of villas caters to the guests’ needs. There are eight types of accommodation to choose from. Guests have an option of either a two-bedroom Kurumba Residence, family villa, deluxe pool villa, beach villa or beachfront deluxe bungalow to name a few.

Dining experience in the island lets you savour the taste of comfort food, delicious wholesome breakfast, Japanese cuisine, hearty Italian flavours to Northern Indian Spices. Among the restaurants to choose from are Vihamanaa Restaurant, Al Qasr and King Thai.

Share your activities on the island with your loved ones by experiencing nature first hand. Dolphins such as Spinners and Bottle-Nosed dolphins have made The Maldives their home. The Sunset and Dolphin Discovery Cruise is a relaxing cruise in search of these dolphins. Other activities such as sandback picnic is suitable for those who are looking for a more laidback island vacation vibe. While guests are busy snorkelling amidst the beautiful reefs a picnic lunch will be prepared so you can enjoy the tasteful spread once you are done exploring the beautiful marine life. As for those who love fishing, the catch and release fishing experience is offered to help support and sustain the local environment. If one wish to have a romantic time on the island the kids club (Majaa Kids) is there to care for your children, so you could enjoy that precious moment together with your partner.

All those exciting activities may make you feel a little tired. Head to Veli Spa to rejuvenate your energy for a more fun filled vacation. The spa offers tinctures over a hundred plants and minerals with deep healing rituals. Restore your body equilibrium with Spa Under The Stars with divine head message and aromatic bathing ritual with essential oils and flower petals.

Having to spend a luxurious vacation amidst the beautiful nature of The Maldives was a dream come true for me. If one asked what does love at first sight feels like? I would answer, head to Kuramathi and Kurumba Island.


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Article by Wan Azfarozza wan Athmar

Wan Azfarozza is a mass communication lecturer at one of Malaysia’s most revered universities. Cursed with a love for travel, she enjoys sharing her adventures on various media platforms.