Former footballer helps raise $1m for Mosque

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Freddie Kanoute footballer
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The former footballer Freddie Oumar Kanoute has helped raise over $1m through a crowdfunding campaign towards the construction of mosque in Seville, the first one in seven centuries.

Kanoute is a practising Muslim. French by birth he is of Malian descent. He has played for a range of teams including West Ham, Spurs, Lyon and Seville.

“Thank you and may Allah reward for you for all those who participated in the campaign,” Kanoute tweeted on Tuesday.

The total cost of the project is estimated at 12 million euros.

The Muslim population of Seville is approximately 30,000. There is no purpose-built mosque where Muslims might pray with dignity. The Muslim population worships in converted spaces.

Thirteen years ago, Kanoute purchased a commercial space which has acted as a converted worship space for local Muslims. Yet the growth of the Muslim community has necessitated the creation of a purpose-built larger space.

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, Spain, with a rich Islamic history

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