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The Islamic market obviously presents the next big thing for investors at more the 2 billion and growing. This makes sense that big business will very shortly find itself providing for the Islamic market. The Halal market alone is estimated at USD 2.3 trillion a year. Moreover, considering the expected population growth in Islamic countries, it will increase by more than 500 billion a year.

Along with this, Islam teaches us the virtues of unity, and it gives strength to our ummah. Ethics is a significant aspect of a Muslim’s life and behavior towards others. Entrepreneurs who are ethical clearly differentiate between what is right and wrong. Islamic ethics are established on Allah’s instructions.

Therefore, we should not indulge in some business which is haram. For example, in Islam, business related to alcohol is strictly forbidden. So what are considered halal business ideas? Let’s start…

1. The business of Halal bed and breakfast:

This business is ideal for someone who has a big home and spare rooms in a city or country that are tourist attractions. An Islamic bed and breakfast will attract posh and niche Muslim travelers. This will not cost a huge amount of money. Also, it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

The Islamic tourism market is untapped and presents huge opportunities. Halal tourism gives Shariah-compliant travel destinations and services for Islamic families. Many Islamic travelers would prefer to be in an atmosphere that is sensitive to their culture such as no alcohol consumption. Also, providing availability of namaaz and wudu.

This business will give you ample opportunities to meet new people and enhance your network.

2. Providing a Halal child care service:

With the advancement in women’s rights, Many Muslim two-parent households have both parents in the office these days. This means there is a corresponding increase in the demand for child care services. Muslim parents will love the idea of halaal daycare.

This business may not require much initial capital. Moreover, working from home is still a possibility if you don’t run the service at a different location.

3. Halal in-home takeout:

If you love cooking, then make money from it. Takeout services are growing fast with many Muslims preferring good quality home-cooked halaal food. We all know that quality halaal food is not the easiest to find. Running a take-out from your home or a small kiosk outside your house is sure to attract your neighbors.

4. The business of virtual assistant:

The virtual assistant industry has seen important growth in the present years. It has been a way of helping stay-at-home mothers to work from home. It is very easy to start as all you need is a personal computer and a proper internet connection. Investments for the purposes of file keeping and other office tools etc can come in later.

Virtual assistants mainly work as independent contractors and use technology to provide services for clients worldly. The work is mostly done from home offices.

Therefore, these are some of the halaal business ideas to enhance your business in the Muslim market. Hopefully, these will help you if you are a new entrepreneur.

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