France invests 1.5 billion euros in constructing a ‘carbon neutral plane’

World Grigory Matyunin 09-Jun-2020
Merkel et Macron se mettent d'accord sur plan des subventions
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France has announced that it will invest 1.5 billion euros into constructing a carbon neutral plane by 2035, a decade ahead of current plans. This pledge forms part of the bailout for the French aviation industry.

The French finance minister Bruno Le Maire declared a “state of emergency to save our aeronautics industry so that it can be more competitive”. Had the intervention not taken place, he argued, a third of jobs directly or indirectly provided by the industry would have disappeared.

Measures included seven billion euros for Air France-KLM.

The carbon neutral plane would be made possible by an extremely high dilution rate by hydrogen.

According to the French transport ministry, the new investment will bring the project forward by a decade and place France at the cutting edge of new global standards.

The first prototype is expected to be constructed by the 2026-28 and a regional hybrid to enter operation by 2030.

Some advocacy groups have criticised the French government claiming that it ‘turns a blind eye to the main issue’ of reducing emissions by cutting air traffic.