Friends Pop-Up Apartment Coming to NYC!

Can we BE anymore excited?! (Cue Chandler’s voice).

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since we met Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey who make up the cast for the still wildly popular 90s sitcom Friends.

Not only were the characters extremely influential in their own right, but everything else about the show became iconic too, like its apartments and the interior, and of course Central Perk, which is THE place to have coffee and hang out for fans of the show.

In honour of the show’s 25th anniversary, lucky New Yorkers and and visitors will have a chance to step into the world of the sextet (literally), thanks to NBC and and Warner Brothers.

There will be a massive pop-up experience dedicated to the long-running series, allowing fans to play with replica props, immerse themselves in familiar sets like Rachel and Monica’s apartment and even act out a few iconic scenes from the show!

For instance, you’ll be able to re-enact Ross’s famous sofa pivot scene, or peek through Rachel and Monica’s purple door. And get this, the special event is named ‘The One with the Pop-Up’, inspired by the format for all of Friends’ episodes.

Peter van Roden, Warner Bros. senior vice president of global themed entertainment and consumer products said in a statement: “It’s been nearly 25 years since Friends premiered, but the fascination and universal appeal of the hit TV series live on with fans of all ages.”

“As we celebrate the show’s milestone anniversary, we are excited to bring the Friends experience to life for our fans in a way that pays homage to the remarkable cast of characters, iconic sets and instantly quotable moments,” he added.

The monthlong pop-up officially launches on September 7 (open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm) at 76 Mercer Street in SoHo and will also include a merchandise store. You can reserve your tickets via this site.

Until then, you have some time to binge watch the show before it leaves Netflix next year for WarnerMedia’s streaming service.


Cover photo: NBC/Getty Images