Fun Adventure With Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Senses Syahirah Mokhtazar 18-May-2019

Pokemon Detective Pikachu is the first feature to pair animated characters from the Japanese merchandising juggernaut with real live actors, directed by Rob Letterman.

Tim Goodman is the star of the movie but has no interest in the magical beasts despite wanting to be a pokemon trainer when he was young. While everyone else goes out to look for them, he doesn’t do that. He certainly doesn’t live to ‘catch ‘em all. He has no interest in them whatsoever.

But his life took a turn when he received a call about an accident involving his estranged father in Ryme City. This is a city where humans and Pokemon harmoniously co-exist. Whilst settling his father’s affair in Ryme City, he ends up encountering an adorable amnesia – stricken Pikachu who was actually fumbling around his late father’s apartment looking for answers to a past he believes is connected to Tim’s father, known as Harry.

Tim was surprised to know he could understand what Pikachu says, when others only hear him scream ‘pika pika’ in a high-pitched voice. But when he talks to Tim, that’s when we hear Ryan’s classic sarcastic voice charm the audience. In all honesty, it truly felt like we were watching Ryan play himself- only in the physical form of this furry, adorable Pokemon that is Pikachu.

Although he was reluctant at first, Tim and Pikachu worked together to uncover the truth behind Harry’s death, as Pikachu believes he is still out there. This is where the fun begins!

Tim befriends a rookie reporter whose pet Pokemon is a giant duck that sends out shockwaves when under pressure. Together they uncover a conspiracy, but are they able to find out the truth behind Tim’s father’s death?

While the plot had its twists here and there, overall it was still predictable. But hats of to the film’s artist, who cleverly brought life to fantastical animals, because Pikachu is adorably cute despite the sarcastic voice of Reynolds.

In all honesty, the film was a little underwhelming than expected however it still did deliver a solid family friendly adventure.

Both new and hardcore fans would enjoy the film. It was pretty great to trainspot all the weird Pokemon wandering around the Ryme City, it gives a glimpse of what reality would look like if we co-exist with Pokemon monsters.

The film stars Justice Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Kathryn Newton, Rita Ora, Omar Chaparro, Suki Waterhouse and more.