Getting married late? Will it affect your life? (Episode 1)

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getting married late
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There is a lot of disagreement about which age is right for marriage. Many people say that marriage should be done only after understanding what marriage and relationships really are. And because marriage is so entrenched in economics, many do not even think about marriage until they are financially independent.

Most people today are in favor of getting married late. Because everyone is much more aware of their career. After establishing a good career, everyone wants to get caught in the trap of marriage! The same trend is seen in the case of girls. Because today’s girls want freedom. According to their idea, that is possible by building a good career. For this reason, they do not want to get married until they finish their studies and get a job.

But the truth is, the decision to get married at a young age is a very wise thing to do. So the decision to get married should be made at a young age. This will make life much easier for you. Now let’s see what are the benefits of getting married earlier.

1) Getting married late does not ensure your youth was protected

From the beginning of youth, the attraction between people of the opposite sex begins to work. Which gradually decreases with age. So if you get married at a young age, your attraction to your partner will make the marital relationship as beautiful as it will be, and it will be much easier for you to stay away from illegitimate and sinful deeds. That is why it is said in the hadith, “He who marries has fulfilled his faith.”

2) Happy married life

If you get married at an older age, then naturally you will get serious in your behavior due to age. Due to which your relationship with your partner will not be too sweet and close. For this reason, it is better to get married earlier, when a lot of emotions work in people’s minds.

3) Get more time

How much time do husband and wife get for each other if they get married at an older age? The responsibility of the child falls on the neck at the very first year. And once they have children, they no longer have to spend time alone. But if you

get married at a young age, you can spend a lot of time with your partner. The relationship is very good and sweet.

4) Getting married late and missing out a lot in life

“Two is better than one”. A lot of problems can be solved if anyone shares his/her happiness and sorrow with a partner instead of enjoying or suffering it alone. If you get married at a young age, you can share everything in your life with your spouse. So the stress on one person will be lesser.

5) Happy parenting

You can be a good example of parents for your children if you get married earlier. And also the average life expectancy of people is now gradually decreased. So if you get married late, the issue of having children will go back a lot and your mentality will continue to deteriorate day by day.

6) Chances to move on are less if you are getting married late

The word is bitter, but the truth is that nowadays many people can’t make the right decision to get married. So now the number of divorces has increased a lot. But if you get married at a young age, there are some advantages in this aspect. If you get married at a young age and then, unfortunately, have a break-up, then there is a second chance to re-arrange your life, which is not possible if you get married late.

7) Get rid of annoying speech

If you get married earlier, you will get rid of hearing annoying things like ‘why aren’t you getting married’, ‘when will you get married’, ‘getting older’, ‘does anyone like you’ etc.

These are some of the positive aspects of getting married at a young age. Now we will discuss some of the negative aspects of getting married late.

1) Physical issues

It is said that both men and women should get married by the age of 30. However, it is better if it is earlier in the case of women. The human body has many complications. We all know that human youth does not last long. For this reason, if the marriage is delayed, then both men and women may have some

physical problems. Such as having problems in physical intercourse, not having a child, miscarriage of a child, etc. In addition, women are more likely to lose their fertility after the age of 30, and their chances of having a healthy baby are much lower.

2) Social factors

Although people in modern society have become much more modern-minded, some social complications remain if marriage is delayed. As the girl gets older, it becomes more and more unattractive in the eyes of society, so it is very complicated to find a suitable bride for the older girl. Because when boys go to get married, they look for girls who are a little younger. As a result, older girls face more problems.

3) Family reasons

If parents get married at an older age, they may not be able to provide adequate service and time for their children. Because they are too old to take care of their children during their lifetime. That is why you should get married at a young age. Even if thinking about the future of your child, you should not get married late.


(To be continued)

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