GFRIEND Galvanises Kuala Lumpur

Senses Syahirah Mokhtazar 05-Jul-2019

A bevy of young K-pop fans flocked to the Malawati Stadium Shah Alam, in Malaysia recently to catch the six-member South Korean girl group GFRIEND who stopped by Malaysia for the very first time.

About half an hour before the clock striked 6pm, concert goers were reminded to take their seats in the indoor venue as the girls were set to take centre stage at 6pm sharp.

Staying true to their words (well, almost) all six girls – Sowon, Yuyu, SinB, Eunha, Umji and Yerin – made their debut on stage about 6.15pm to screaming fans shortly after a video montage introducing the girls one by one was shown.

It was a creative start to a very upbeat and cheerful concert that lasted almost three hours. When beats to ‘Me Gustas Tu’ rang through the speakers, only ear-piercing screams (from male fans too) were heard, kicking the already vibrant energy up a notch.

GFRIEND, which is short for Go Go Go Friend projects a very cute, innocent and youthful image that accompanies their anime-esque sound. With their matching pastel blazer and skirt combos, shimmying dance moves with claps, hair flips, kicks and more, one can easily understand why the sextet are admire by many.

The girls took the audience through several segments throughout the night – the first was the one where they wore matching pastel blazers.

It was nice to witness how they put some effort to try and speak the Malay language, often asking the audience “Seronok tak?” which translates to “Are you having fun?”.

There was also that time when Sowon tried to say ‘baby sayang’ (baby love) but she got the audience scratching their heads for a minute as it sounded very much like ‘baby shawa’.

Upbeat songs like ‘Life Is A Party,’ ‘Truly Love,’ ‘Glow,’ ‘Love In The Air’ and ‘Windy Windy’ were also part of the setlist as the concert advanced into the night. But the girls also knew how to tone things down for more mellow tunes like ‘You Are My Star’ and ‘A Starry Sky.’

In another segment, the girls stripped off their cute and innocent image and showed off some good-girl-gone-bad charisma dressed in all black ensembles. Dance moves were fluid, and edgier compared to the earlier segment.

The brightness and explosion of colours from the stage’s backdrops were gorgeous and it was incredible to watch the amount of effort that they put in to make the space their own.

The group showed in many creative ways to communicate with the audience, despite the language barrier. It was clear how much their fans mean to them.

At one point during the concert, the lights were dimmed and the screen lit up with personal messages from each of the members. Fans were touched by the sentimental words by the girls.

More songs such as ‘Flower Garden,’ ‘Sunrise,’ ‘Flower’ and ‘Crush’ were performed as the night approached an end. The girls closed the concert with ‘Love Bug,’ ‘Compass’ and ‘Hope,’ a song written by the girls.

Despite a setlist made up of 27 songs, the energy from the girls did not once falter. Throughout the night, fans could tell they poured their heart, energy and soul into making the night a truly memorable one for fans.

​(Photo courtesy of Macpiepro)