Gift Guide for Eid 2019

“Tahaabu, tahaadu” – exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another. It was once narrated by A’ishah radi Allahu anha that the Prophet (SAW) used to accept gifts and reward people for giving them.

Gift-giving is encouraged in Islam. As we approach the end of Ramadan, Muslims will soon come together to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr by reuniting at family gatherings. While that happens, Muslims would usually exchange gifts with one another. Traditionally, gifts came in the form of money, and it was mostly reserved for the younger generation. But exchanging gifts with one another could be in other forms besides money.

If you are looking for gift ideas for Eid, here are a few suggestions.



Beauty essentials make for great gifts not only for women, but for men too. It could be halal nailpolish like Tuesday In Love, or vegan body care products from Lush, grooming kits for the men like the one from Mystic Man Beard, or even beauty products for both men and women from this brand called Nuchay. You can never go wrong with beauty essentials!

Mystic Man Beard 

Tuesday In Love 




If you’re looking to gift some beautiful décor to a loved one or friends, check out this blog post by Farah Natasha. She is a mom who curated a list of gifts and décor in her blog She recommends brands such as Rasm which offer gorgeous table décor and Pinterest-worthy drinkware. Tea and Tulip Designs offer stunning custom made wood and paper products that could add an extra charm to someone’s home.  Meanwhile, Hafsa Creates offers a whole lot of creative handmade gifts! The website has mugs, baby wear, wall art and even custom cake toppers. One of the brand’s best seller products is the ‘Ride together til Jannah’ mugs. Another brand that’s worth checking out would be Naqsha Designs. Here you can find phone cases, pouches, to home décor and its gorgeous designs would pretty much make any woman go gaga!


Naqsha Designs 

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Our newest collection is dropping next weekend at the @ramadanmarket! ? This pattern has been dubbed “Umm Al-Darda”, have you heard of her? I personally knew the name but not the story, but I was very impressed when I did! So I thought I’d share what I learned: Umm Al-Darda refused to conform to gender norms ever since she was a child, as she often prayed in the men’s rows and sat among males learning the Quran. She grew up to become a jurist, Islamic scholar, and teacher of Hadith and fiqh, and eventually began lecturing both men and women in the Damascus Mosque where some of her students included Umayyad Caliph Abdul Malik Bin Marian and Hassan Al-Basri. ?Phone cases will also be available at the Market! . . . . #islamicgeometricdesign #geometricdesign #geometricpattern #muslimmom #geometricdecor #islamicart #islamicgeometricpattern #islamicgeometry #phonecase #iphone #geometricart #handmadecrafts #mompreneur #muslimpreneur #flatlay #newcollection

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Hafsa Creates 



Food plays a major role in Eid-al-Fitr celebrations around the world. The Eid feast is what Muslims look forward to after a whole month of fasting from dawn until sunset everyday. When going to a gathering, you can also choose purchase sweet treats like chocolates. Check out Cocoapod Chocolates, they have a number of Eid products which include boxes that can be personalised with your choice of name in solid blocks of dark or milk Belgian chocolate. You can also choose to add a personalised message.


Clothes for both women and men are a great idea to make as gifts too. In Saudi Arabia, men are known to wear the traditional thobe, but in countries like Malaysia, dressing up for the festive holiday is a big deal. Women usually don various modern versions of the traditional ‘baju kurung’ while men wear the ‘baju melayu’. In other countries like Pakistan or Sri Lanka and other south-Asian countries, women wear exotic salwars for example. They then amp up the outfit with some heavy beads or jewelry.

Check out online shopping websites such as Zalora, Modanisa for options. Otherwise, gift someone a hijab, like a floral scarf by Safiyyah Choycha. Her latest collection, called Japanese Beauty is inspired by Japanese art and culture, and it is hand-woven in India. Honey Hijabs also offer a nice range of headscarves that have gems hand sewn onto the fabric! Scratching your head over what to get for the men? Check out Halal Socks, they make quirky socks that have a Muslim or ethnic twist to their prints!


Saffiyah Choycha

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I'm back with some very very exciting news guys… my new collection is now available for pre-order at 10% off only until the 17th March. Thereafter the collection will go live and back to its original price. I'll be writting a blog post about how this new collection came about and the process involved. This one's called Ukiyo (The floating world, a Japanese word which refers to living in the moment and being detached from all other bothers in life ) Take a look in my shop for all the new peices from my Japanese Beauty collection. Link in Bio. . . . . . . . . . . #shinhanga #japaneseart #ukiyo #surfacedesign #paintedbyhand #floralpainting #floralillustration #floralwatercolor #watercolourpainting #doitfortheprocess #creativelifehappylife #creativehappy #artprocess #birminghamartist #mybeautifulmess #simplethingsmadebeautiful #inspiredbynature_ #rsblooms #inspiremyinstagram #carveouttimeforart #huffpostgram #huff_ #underthefloralspell #bloomandgrowtogether #bloomandgrow #hashtagauthentic #japaneseart #japanesewatercolor #japanesepainting #ipreview via

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Honey Hijabs

Halal Socks