Gift Ideas for Hajj Pilgrims

Seek Syahirah Mokhtazar 07-Aug-2019

Performing the Hajj is one of the most special and life-changing experiences a Muslim can embark on. Family members often prepare a celebration to welcome pilgrims home and to congratulate them on completing the journey.

With this, comes the culture of gift-giving. While it’s common for pilgrims to bring home souvenirs as gifts for their beloved ones waiting back home, gifting presents as well is a nice gesture.

Here are some gift ideas suitable for Hajj pilgrims that you can find on Etsy.


This is a personalized and handmade Kaaba frame that doesn’t actually need a picture to fill it. You can choose to incorporate well-wishes and personalize your message for the ones who have completed their journey. With the Kaaba in the center of the frame, it reminds the pilgrims of their time in the Holy Land. Check out the frame here.


Talk about taking the personalized messages to a whole new level! Forget cards or messages via smartphones, you can opt to have you message written on candles. Check it out here.


We’re used to seeing ‘his and hers’ sets across home and living shops with embroidered titles like ‘Mrs. or Mr.’ on pillows for example, but how cool is this for a change? Check out the mugs here.


For the avid reader, this is the perfect gift. An Islamic themed bookmark is great, practical and creative! Check it out here.


An engraved sterling bar necklace with nickel-free coating might be a great choice too for women who wish to celebrate their loved ones completing the hajj pilgrimage. Check it out here.

(All photos from Etsy)