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By the title, you must have guessed what is going to be the focus of this article. There is nothing better than pleasing Allah (SWT) in Dunya through a voluntary act of charity. Sadaqah, originally meaning righteousness, is a form of charity that shows the sincerity of belief. Both, the Quran and Hadiths repeatedly highlighted the importance of such behavior. There was no one more generous than our Prophet Muhammed (SAW) to follow when it comes to practicing Sadaqah. In order to be encouraged, Allah (SWT) promised rewards for those who give Sadaqah on a regular basis.

In this article, let us look at some reasons and ways of performing Sadaqah:

An investment for life

Success, increased wealth, shade on the day of judgment and respect are among the numerous blessings that Allah (SWT) promises us in this life and the hereafter when Muslims Practice Sadaqah. By giving to the poor and helping out the needy, Sadaqah becomes a guaranteed investment that pays off for an infinite time. Consider this beautiful Ayah, Allah (SWT) says :

“Who is he that will loan to Allah a beautiful loan which Allah will double unto his credit and multiply it many times?”(Quran 2:245)

This Ayah confirms that Allah (SWT) will eventually multiply the rewards for those giving money or any other forms of Sadaqah. Thus, rather than focusing only on increasing money, achieving goals and dreams, a faithful Muslim should seek to invest more in this Dunya through Sadaqah to guarantee the afterlife. The deal literally says, pays little, and gains more..what’s better than that!

Global Sadaqah: Managing the charity efforts of the Muslim world 

Based on the same intentions and goals, Ethis Group , an Islamic Financial Technology or Fintech company founded Global Sadaqah in early 2018. This offers a charitable platform through trusted and unique charity to Muslims around the world.

Global Sadaqah complies with Islamic Digital Economy Standards (IDE). This is a set of standards for businesses and companies in Malaysia, which are compliant with or in accordance with the principles of Islamic Shariah.

The Global Sadaqah Platform can be seen as a simple and modern way for individuals, companies, and organizations to give alms online. In terms of economics and business, it can be used to meet the responsibilities of corporate ethics policy or strategy called CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR).

Global Sadaqah has also won awards in CSR, Zakat and Wakaf management. The Sadaqah Global Platform offers a way to bring donors ’funds, without hesitation, directly to those in need in the field. This is done through professional partners, who are trusted and certified and have a direct impact on the local economy and the communities involved.

Blessing your wealth?

A Muslim might fear giving money to the needy when he is in need! But Allah (SWT) promised to never make anyone practicing Sadaqah lose money, on the contrary, the wealth will increase alongside the immense rewards gained from it. When it comes to pleasing Allah, the deal is always a win-win situation. As stated in the following notable Hadith:

”There is not a day in which the obedient slaves rise in the morning except that two angels descend, and one of them says: ‘O Allaah! Compensate the one who spends.’ The other angel says: ‘O Allaah! Destroy the wealth of the one who is niggardly.”

The benefits of practicing Sadaqah are not necessarily in a tangible form. Rather, those giving Sadaqah will eventually feel blessed in their lives, where the amount of money will Subhanallah remain plenty, even after giving away some to the needy. Additionally, when a productive Muslim saves a number of his expenses aside to give away in a form of Sadaqah, his goals will eventually be achieved, his loans will be easily paid and his life will be blessed. Hence, when we practice Sadaqah, gradually all of our affairs, worries, and other forms of matters will be eased and blessed thanks to Allah’s mercy.

SalamWeb itself is a donor partner for Global Sadaqah through the efforts of SalamWebSadaqah. If you use SalamWeb for browsing purposes, you will support all-related charity projects. This can be done simply by performing a web search using the SalamWeb browser, or submitting site reports through the SalamWebProtect feature.

Continuous rewards in the afterlife

One of the blessings that Allah (SWT) has promised us that we can earn continuous rewards in the afterlife (Akhira). We are referring to the ceaseless Sadaqah.

Examples of Ceaseless Sadaqah include building a mosque, school, a water well, and many more. For instance, when money is given to build a well, for every single drop of water drunk you will be rewarded, even after death. Or when it comes to building a mosque, Allah (SWT) will reward you for every single prayer practiced. In a nutshell, you will earn a reward every time it is used, for as long as it is used. As proven in this notable Hadith:

“When a man dies, his acts come to an end, but three, recurring charity, or knowledge (by which people) benefit, or a pious son, who prays for him (for the deceased)”

The various fundraising campaigns or charitable efforts, by Global Sadaqah, are increasingly gaining the attention of the Muslim world. Global Sadaqah (office) currently operates in three locations namely Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Global Sadaqah’s operation coverage is worldwide. Its latest fundraising charity campaigns involve various projects in locations such as Yemen (campaign partner: Al-I’tisam ) and Nigeria (campaign partner: An-Nadaa Educational Foundation ). There is also an interesting project related to Wakaf Digital, which involves a company from Singapore.

The strategic partners of Global Sadaqah include Al-Rajhi Bank Malaysia, Islamic Development Bank, Alliance Islamic Bank Kuwait Finance House Malaysia, Shopee, Boost, IBF DigiLabs, and Hello Gold.

Remember, when a Muslim acquires the practice of Sadaqah as a daily habit, imagine the immense amount of reward provided by Allah (SWT) – both today and afterlife.

We shall all make Duaa to Allah (SWT) to accept our Sadaqah practices and to double our reward and be shielded from punishment.

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