Grand Mosque all set to welcome Hajj pilgrims

Faith Grigory Matyunin 29-Jul-2020
Mekah, Arab Saudi
Mecca, Saudi Arabia. - November 23, 2009 ; Every year, million of Muslim around the world comes to Mecca to perform hajj.

The Grand Mosque in Mecca is all set to receive Hajj pilgrims with health and safety measures introduced in time for Tarwiyah, the eighth day of Hajj.

According to the Hajj Security Forces for the Grand Mosque final preparations have been completed. Special entry and exit pathways have been put in place together with designated routes.

The Saudi Electricity Company has said its arrangements are set to ensure provision of reliable services for pilgrims.

“The operational plan is implemented by 500 engineers, technicians, and specialists, and trained national cadres, to ensure the reliability of the electrical service, accompanied by 66 emergency and maintenance technical teams in all locations,” said Abdul Salam bin Rashid Al-Omari, SEC’s western sector head and general supervisor for Hajj.