Grandparents and grandchildren: How the relationship should be?

Family Contributor

In today’s world, raising children despite the surrounding forces that disrupt the parenting mechanism is a challenge. Among these forces are the spread of social media, the busy routine days of parents, the working-life balance, the changing nature of morals, and the parental authority that is at risk. Grandparents see these forces as a negative impact on the parents that need to raise their children on good terms. They are the ones witnessing the changes happening in parenting over time.

After a grandparent couple decided to stay with their grandchildren while their parents went on a holiday, they highlighted the role of grandparents in raising their grandchildren during such a challenging period. In addition to that, they shed a light on the areas that need attention when comes to parenting.

A consistent daily routine with grandparents

Due to the fact that parents are usually balancing between their busy working life and the routine of their day at home, children should be encouraged to see their parents having a routine to follow. Exceptions can happen where the routine gets disrupted, but should not be the “normal”. It is important for parents to have a “me” time where they talk to their children or talk to one another in order to achieve a healthy spouse relationship that doesn’t affect the grandchildren. The grandparents see that children during the week trial were lacking a routine, ranging from waking up super early to put them to sleep. However, they managed to get the children to follow a daily routine at the end.

Screens are a NO-NO

Since grandparents are known for their kind hearts, they sometimes make the restriction less and they tend to spoil their grandchildren. However, in these grandparents’ cases, they chose to follow the instructions put forth by their parents, or even more strictly. While parents would let their children use their tablets when necessary, the grandparents decided to remove such gadgets from them all day long for a week. On the other hand, they managed to replace them with fun and interesting activities to entertain them, such as reading, spending time with them in parks, etc. for grandparents, it is important to show rather than tell the children what to do. If parents want their children to stay away from screens, they should act upon that.

A relationship of love and trust with grandparents

Undoubtedly, children expect to be taken care of, loved, trusted and nurtured safely. When both parents are available and committed, children are raised in a healthy environment where both of their parents are willing to be there for them. It is necessary for moms to be there for their children, especially in early childhood. The grandparents saw that since they spent days with their grandchildren, they have built a bond with them that is full of excitement and love.

After these areas on which grandparents focused, it is shown that they are one of the first helpers to new parents that seek to raise their children in traditional and healthy ways. There is an exceptional relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents. In fact, while children seek attention, care, and validation, grandparents also need attention and crave company with young spirits. Grandparents are full of life knowledge and experience that can get transferred easily to grandchildren which will definitely benefit them in the long run.


(Written by freelancer Yara Lotfy)