Hajj 2020 will go ahead

Faith Grigory Matyunin 23-Jun-2020
Mekah, Arab Saudi
Mecca, Saudi Arabia. - November 23, 2009 ; Every year, million of Muslim around the world comes to Mecca to perform hajj.

Hajj 2020 will go ahead with some limitations on the numbers of pilgrims, age restrictions and social distancing measures.

The plan to ensure the safety of pilgrims has been outlined in cooperation with the Saudi Health Ministry and in accordance with international measures designed to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

Mandatory coronavirus testing and quarantine restrictions have been imposed as well as a maximum age limit of 65. The specific number of pilgrims allowed to take part has not yet been decided.

The Saudi Health Ministry has announced that hospitals will be placed on alert in case of emergencies.

Pilgrims will be of various nationalities but will consist of residents of Saudi Arabia.