Handwriting analysis: Does it reveal your personality?

Psychology Yara Lotfy
Handwriting analysis
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Handwriting analysis is surprisingly a tool to reveal different personality traits that never knew exist. The way you dot your “i”, pressure your pen, and connect your letters could tell a lot about the way you truly are. It could sound silly, but if you analyze your handwriting, you will dig deeper to understand your personality and abilities. Here is an ultimate guideline showing the hidden meaning behind your handwriting. You are here to see what your handwriting analysis says about you.

Here is what we got for you:

Word size

When you visualize your handwriting, focus to see that if your words seem big and bold, it is an expression of your outgoing and extroverted personality. On the other hand, with handwriting that looks small-sized, then the person is probably living with an introverted personality with shyness. You will have a fear of dealing with lots of people. In some cases, average-sized writing could reveal your strong concentration and focus abilities while doing your tasks.

Pen pressure

Handwriting analysis shows that your handwriting is a mirror of you, especially the way you pressure your pen. Firstly, heavy pen pressure is a form of expression of your anger and stress. Secondly, if you use your pen and moderately press it, it reflects commitment and comfort. And last, very light pressure with your pen means you are a sensitive person and tend to possess empathetic traits. Sounds simple but it truly mirrors your true personality.

The dot on the“i”

Focus on the way you dot your “i”, a distanced high dot on the line means an imaginative mind and lots of ambitions. On the opposite side, the dot placed close to the “i” mark represents your organized nature and detail-oriented mind. However, a dot placed on the left means you’re a procrastinating person who overanalyzes everything. If your dot is a circle-alike, then your handwriting analysis says you have childish and playful traits in you no matter what your age.

Space between words

Those who leave space between words enjoy freedom and independence. Others who compress them together is drawn to others’ company. However, handwriting analysis reveals that jammed words refer to a person who tends to interrupt others. In fact, connecting your letters while writing means that you are a logical person drawn to prove

anything with reliable facts and experiments. If you disconnect them, you are probably impulsive and base decisions on gut feelings.

The “y” shape

The loop of your “y” has a lot to say about your personality and state of mind. Visualize your “Y” while writing. If your loop is wide, you are probably a person with a lot of friends. While a closed-loop means you’re a selective persona. You do not let everyone in, rather, you choose them carefully. The hook also indicates that you are a home person if it’s short and a traveler if it’s long.

Handwriting analysis and slant

The direction of your slant matters when it comes to your handwriting analysis. If your slant is directed to the right, it means you’re an open person with a free soul. Whereas a left-leaning slant means you love your own company and privacy. However, if your slant direction changes over your writing, there’s a great chance that you’re lying or hiding a truth inside your own self. Thus, your slant has to do with your inner feelings and soul.

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