he begot no one nor was he begotten

Islam Contributor

In my journey searching for the truth and for the true religion – even though I was born Muslim – I decided to start from a neutral stance and have a discussion with my inner self and try to answer all questions clearly and to the point. I wanted to be honest to myself.

My inner voice once asked me. Aren’t you being naïve? Aren’t you following illusions and dreams? Are you really going to see paradise – with all its beauty described in the book of Allah – and miss all pleasures of life?

You claim, the voice kept asking, that Allah is there because you rely on reason and you say that for each creation there must be a creator, for every product there must be a manufacturer and for every poem there must be a writer.

If you believe this idea, the voice persisted, it is only right to ask who created Allah.

After long research and protracted reflections, with all neutrality of the mind, I came back to my inner voice and responded: your question is invalid and corrupt; it is emotional and shallow.

The inner voice said: how is that?

Our brain capabilities are limited, I said, as well as our sense of smell, sense of vision and so on. What you, my inner voice, are trying to do, is to visualise Allah by using limited senses, limited reasoning and limited rules made by humans.

You accept the concept that Allah is the creator and then you make Allah being created because of your limited created senses and limited created reasoning. Your reasoning is determined by two parameters: the time you live in and the place you live in, and both were created by Allah.

Allah, who created you in a particular time and a particular place, is certainly above these limitations. This is exactly the same as if Robots would think that the human who created them must be functioning with computers, wires, programming codes, electricity and batteries.

You, inner voice, are trying to make Allah like you see other things, I said, because you are limited by what you see, by your senses and your ability to visualize things. Essentially, you are trying to confine Allah to your own limitations.

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