Helping children to concentrate on various phases of life

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Photograph: Alexander Dummer-Unsplash

Helping children to concentrate is something which will be of great aid to them, as concentration is key in nurturing children’s learning and development. It therefore also helps to enhance their confidence and self-belief.

Task and concentration

We can help children to concentrate through ensuring that we have allowed an appropriate amount of time for them to work on a task. When we choose a duration which is suitable for the task in question, it will facilitate for children to concentrate effectively.  They will not feel abnormally rushed. Suitable time durations also avoid causing children to become too distracted as a result of being given too much time to complete a task.

It is also beneficial to note that when a task is presented to younger children as engaging and enjoyable, they will be more likely to concentrate on it for a longer duration.

Giving children one task at a time will also help them to concentrate more effectively. They will be more able to give the right amount of focus to the task. Sometimes when children are given too many tasks to do at once, they find more difficulty concentrating. They become distracted or possibly overwhelmed by the variety of tasks. Therefore, issuing one task at time is an effective way of avoiding distraction.

Need for space

Where we can, we should try to give children a somewhat separate space to do their work, as this will help them to concentrate. Even if there is not another room for them to work in, simply seating them somewhere slightly further away from where they play or watch the television, could help them to focus more.

Choosing a suitable time of day for children to do their work will also help them to concentrate more. We will be using our understanding of the times of day they normally seem to have a higher level of focus. We could try to set them tasks or tell them to do their homework at these times.

Arranging for children to take breaks in between tasks is another way to help them develop their concentration. When children spend too long focusing on a task, it can cause them to lose focus or interest. Taking breaks will help them to feel refreshed and more ready to continue working. Even with ourselves and people of all age ranges, we notice that taking breaks helps us to regain energy and refresh our minds.

Exercise and breaks

Regular periods of exercise also helps children to concentrate. Exercise can help them to calm down, clear their minds, reduce feelings of stress that can build up from working on challenging tasks, and generally help them to feel better.

Another way of helping children to concentrate is by dividing larger tasks into multiple smaller tasks. This also helps them to avoid becoming overwhelmed as they will be able to work on each task in a step-by-step process, enabling them to properly focus on each small task.

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