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Raising a child
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Without a doubt, raising a child from the age of 2 till 7 is such a complex and challenging task. Parents try their hardest to provide their children with knowledge and attention during their early years of development. From nutrition, self-esteem, language, and manners, to Islamic practices. It takes lots of effort and patience to make a child’s growth process right and consistent. This might make parents worry about their way of dealing with it. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to follow certain steps to maintain their child’s growth and development.

Raising a child: association is the key

During the early stages of raising a child that ages 2 to 5, you’ll notice changes in your child’s behavior. That’s because your child is building her/his own personality through interacting with others in nursery or/and school. It might contain certain aggressive and egocentric behaviors, such as refusing to share anything. While years pass, children will engage with their parents more often by asking multiple questions. This is explained through their curiosity that is portrayed through their endless questions about anything and everything. These questions will often revolve around God and the Islamic religion. Therefore, it is recommended to associate daily activities with Allah and his prophet. Telling stories about the prophet’s kindness, or Allah’s mercy will help them to be close to God and Islam from their early stages.

Child’s growth through affiliation

While incorporating faith in your child during early childhood, affiliation would be a perfect option. Children tend to learn from seeing, therefore, it is important for them to see their parents and imitate their activities. It is desirable that these activities would include daily prayer, Duaa, and other Islamic rituals. It will eventually become a “family” thing, and thus, they will connect religion with the fraternity. Introducing Islamic terms such as haram, masjid, insha-allah, elhamdo-lelah, and another vocabulary will make your child familiarize with religious terms. Parents could use books, field trips, and stories to enhance their child’s language and speaking abilities. Encourage your child to learn more than language will improve your child’s cognitive abilities.

Communication and child’s development

When your child passes through 6 and 7 years, they will start to feel a bit independent, self-curious, and a social butterfly. Gaining confidence, building physical strength, acquiring knowledge, and feeling like a grown-up will appear through your child’s behaviors. That’s okay since the best way to deal with that is through communicating with your child. Slowly start teaching your child what’s wrong and what’s right, without being strict. Being open for discussions is crucial for helping your child to be more expressive and communicative about their feelings and thoughts. During this stage of their life, children will be more open to exploring, and thus, seek more freedom. It is suggested for parents to set reasonable limits for this freedom. Your child should be aware that there are boundaries to respect and abide by.


(Written by freelancer Yara Lotfy)

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