History of Arabic Grammar

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ID 52675469 © Drekasami | Dreamstime.com
ID 52675469 © Drekasami | Dreamstime.com

The science of Arabic grammar was second nature to the indigenous Arabs. They would be able to construct sentences without thinking of the vowels or which word to appear next to or which word is more suitable for a sentence.

1. Switching

They could easily switch from past tense to present tense. From active voice to the passive voice without even reading and thinking about it like someone talking in his mother. Later the definitions started to become codified by grammarians. This is something that the early Arabs had no understanding of, and they were not familiar with it. Arabic language literature is rich, and its rhetoric is phenomenal and interesting.

2. Various parts

In Arabic grammar, we have “Naho” (النحو) which is the science of identifying “the end of words,” meaning how the words end. Surf (صرف), on the other hand, is the morphology, indicating how a word changes. Its structure from one form to another, and the knowledge of how sentences are expressed in multiple ways is known is “Balagha” the rhetoric. Arabs were master in expressing the same thing in various ways.

3. Changes in the Arabic language

Non-Arabs, when they started coming to Arab land, diluted the original form of the Arabic language with time. Abu Amar ul Aala said that Arabic spoken by the companions of the prophet Muhammad PBUH was different from the Arabic that is written and spoken today. Now imagine, after a few decades of the revelation of the Quran, the Arabic language started diminishing.

4. Adi Bin Zaid – The famous poet.

He used to travel Shaam frequently and would interact with non-Arabs in the north. His poetry was not considered to be used as a source of understanding of pure Arabic language. Some of the early scholars took some serious steps to protect the Quran from being misread or misunderstood. They used marking and dots above and below letters to identify them, this was a remarkable job. Reading the Quran is easy now.

5. Sources of Arabic Grammar

Does the question arise, what are the sources of Arabic grammar? Iraq was considered as the center for the development of Arabic grammar. Basra and Kufa especially were very famous for Arabic grammar. In the Abbasid period, Baghdad then became the center and was very famous. Many Arabs migrated to Basra and Kufa because the capital was shifted from Madina to Kufa during the time of Ali RA, who is considered as the founder.

6. The word Arabia

The word Arabia or Al Arabia was used to explain the sciences of the Arabic language. The early scholars of the Arabic language were predominantly Arabs, more specifically, Persians. People of Basra were ahead of the people of Kufa. People of Basra were considered as transmitters of the Arabic language. The people of Basra may have a version of a poem of 70 couplets, and Kufa had more than 70 couplets.


The rules were formulated later, and the depth and rhetoric of the Arabic language are exemplary in every aspect. Its grammar is very interesting and exceptional.

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