Hospital named after Saudi nurse who died from coronavirus

hospital nurse Covid-19 danger
Fotoğraf: Macau Photo Agency-Unsplash

A new field hospital in Madinah, built to combat covid-19, has been named after Saudi nurse Nujood Al-Khaibari. She died in June from the virus which she contracted working at a medical centre in the city.

The Nujood Medical Centre hospital was inaugurated by Madinah Gov. Prince Faisal bin Salman with health ministry officials present at the event.

The centre has 100 beds in terms of capacity and was built in under 60 days. Moreover, it is well equipped.

“This project is established in appreciation and recognition of the efforts of all workers in the health sector, who not only serve citizens, expatriates and visitors in this country, but they have also sacrificed their lives,” Prince Faisal stated during the opening ceremony.

Turki Al-Khaibari, the nurse’s husband stated that he was proud but not surprised that his wife was receiving this kind of recognition.

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