Discovering your hidden talent benefit you and others

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Hidden talent

Recalling my teacher who once quoted Rumi, I felt it so deeply that it is still in my mind and on my study wall.

It says

Everyone has been made for some particular work

And the desire for that work has been put into every heart.

This concept is very deep. If everybody answers to this concept with his or her own will-power and uprightness, each life could become meaningful and they would be thankful to divine!

Hidden Talent means Hiding Your Abilities

Everyone in this world is born with specific talent. Imagine how generous is God that He blessed us with a special gift and develop our interest and love for it.

People mostly hide their abilities from themselves and others. It is just like kufar (denial). Just as we are at risk to refuse God, some people feels shy in sharing their talent while some are so excited to show their abilities but still they do not develop their skills to that point where other could get benefit from their knowledge.

Sometimes, life or people teach us a bitter lesson, they deform us physically and emotionally that we forget our blessings and purpose of our life what make our hearts alive. (The Qur’anic phrase ‘wronging themselves’ comes to mind.)

Answer is Within

Ask your heart what are your interests? Painting, riding, dancing, drawing or building? Are you a nature lover, animal or people? What can you do to make someone smile or make others feel sad? Are you interested in finding facts or you want to create things of beauty? These things are blessings of God which should be used for benefits of others and us.

How is your talent beneficial to the world? How can you utilise your talent and get closer to the Giver? The first answer connects with the second. If you think you can serve good to people by the special gift that you have, if you think money and fame do not matter and all you can do is to make people smile, if you think you do it all not for money but just for satisfaction of your soul then in return, you will get closure to the one who had blessed you.

Do whatever interests you, with courage and concentration, and connect your soul to God. How can we ignore his blessings that he asks us to love whatever he has infused in us?

Listen to Prophet’s Words

Some people feels happy in telling that they love haram(forbidden). Some people feel pleasure in killing others and making them sad, because their own joy is suppressed from so long that they cannot see other people happy.

It reminds me, my teacher words. Few things are considered haram, he says; a few drinks and food are haram such as, riba, gambling, and sexual encounters. Haram are so few that’s why people are searching for more things to add to list.

What if frowning people turn into smiling one? (Prophet PBUH says): “Follow your heart and worship your Lord through the gifts and talents that He gave you.“Imagine how satisfied that could make you feel.

In older days, devoted Muslims search their fortune by getting certain skills and knowledge just as people of all religion did. They trust on God and start out whatever they want, they have adventures – all like purifying their characters, learning about life, and they try to get closure to their lord.

A Place Away From Materialism

They adopt different occupation and express love for Divine. Their intentions are to fulfill their Divine purpose by giving their best to others, to help them out, and to be beneficial for them.

People nowadays are very materialistic, they think success is all about fame, money and status but it’s not. The real success is when someone smiles just because of you; this is when you help someone when they are in their worst, and then when you go to bed with a satisfied soul so that is the real success.

Take some lonely time to sit and think deeply about your interests. Put your trust on God and just go for it with good intentions that you can use your talent to make the world a better place.

Keep the above quote from Rumi in your mind, and begin. Success is waiting for you!



(Written by Sadaf Riaz, freelance journalist)