How Muslims are Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Fotoğraf: Fusion Medical Animation-Unsplash

Ever since the World Health Organisation declared the coronavirus pandemic in December 2019, it has been a string of disaster for the globe. The COVID-19 virus keeps claiming lives all over the globe. Muslims have been at the forefront of combating this viral enemy and as Almighty Allah (SWT) willed, many of these Muslims lost their lives in the process. They are mainly frontline health workers like doctors and nurses and this piece is about them.

In the United Kingdom where many Muslims work for the National Health Service, they lost their lives.

There is Areema Nasreen, a British Muslim nurse aged 36. Nasreen was a mother of three and had no pre-existing diseases. She breathed her last in the same Walsall Manor Hospital in England where she had been a worker for 16 years. She had diligently rose through the ranks starting out as a hospital house keeper. But the late Nasreen is not alone on this sad list involving our fellow Muslims.

There is also Mohammed Sami Shusha, a 79-year-old consultant histopathologist and the 68-year-old geriatric medicine expert named Alfa Saadu who originally came from Nigeria before settling in the United Kingdom as a doctor.

Before his death in March 2020, Dr Alfa Saadu had dedicated almost 40 years of his life to saving lives. He was the medical director as the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex and the Ealing NHS Trust. This is in addition to his work in several other hospitals in London.

Even until his last moments, he kept thinking about other people.

When he started showing the symptoms of coronavirus, he quickly went into the self-isolation mode and did not go to hospital because he was concerned he would take up a hospital bed. Even though his own life was dangling, he was still worried and concerned about others.

There is also Adil el-Tayar, a 64-year-old surgeon, Amged el-Hawrani, a 55-year-old ear, nose and throat specialist and many others too numerous to mention. They all lost their lives while doing their best to combat COVID-19 pandemic and save lives of other people – which is the ultimate act of selflessness.

The interesting thing with all these Muslims is that they were very well aware of the dangers they were going to face but that did not stop them from doing their jobs and trying to save lives. Even though this can come as a surprise to some others, it is not a surprise to a Muslim. This is because in Islam, we know that everything has been predestined and nothing will happen without the approval of Almighty Allah (SWT).

Also, in the lives and deaths of these Muslims are inherent lessons for us all. We must always strive to save the lives of others in the best ways we can. Allah (SWT) already stated in the Quran that whoever saves the life of even one human being, it will be as if the person has saved all of humanity. May Almighty Allah (SWT) give us victory over the COVID-19 pandemic and grant the departed Muslims the highest stations in Al Jannah, aameen.

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