How to awaken leadership skills among children

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If you want to instill leadership skills and decision-making power in your child, you need to be able to make decisions first. Your child will learn the way of life by watching you. The real Muslim will be the one who will raise his child in the right way with honesty. In particular, the role of parents is undeniable in guiding their children on the path of life. With Allah’s blessing our family bond is so strong that the child generally learns everything primarily from the family. Therefore, whatever we say, whatever type we use can affect our child. Children blindly follow and imitate fathers and mothers.

It is difficult to maintain one’s own principles in this world. So, an ideal parent should first teach the child how to maintain his principles in this difficult world. Besides, it is the sole responsibility of the parents to give him a thorough education on how to keep a cool head or not to break down in the face of extreme stress. Others include positive thinking, empathy, cooperation, justice, punctuality, and so on. The child will be successful in his life only if the seeds of human relationship with man and the seeds of progress in life are sown in the child from childhood.

Hesitant guardian and lack of leadership skills

If a person is hesitant in his life, lacks leadership skills, unable to make decisions, then it can be assumed that no one taught him these things when he was growing up. Many parents think that it is impossible for a child to be disciplined. The child is disturbed by harsh words and excessive reprimands. Can’t figure out what to do. This state of confusion gradually began to have a negative effect on his life. Many parents replant personal jealousy in the child. As a result of that jealousy, the goodness in the child gradually begins to wane. Some parents are so preoccupied with their own world that they don’t even think about giving time to their child. Such children grow up alone and their concept of life is quite different. In many cases, these children are reluctant to make decisions.

Therefore, it can be said that when a child grows up, he needs an honest and positive role model in front of him. Otherwise, the child has various problems later in his life.

Muslim parents should see their child as a gift from Allah and raise him in the best possible way. In particular, Allah wants all of His followers to be foremost in their lives.

But how to make a child a pioneer or a leader?

1. Teach with examples

Although your child will learn lessons from you, but remember that you are not the best in all areas of life. So, give the child an example of a role model who is the right and best subject to teach the child. Encourage him to follow that role model.

2. Take responsibility

As your child sees that you have taken responsibility for all the decisions in your life, your words have value. There is nothing wrong with trying to achieve the goals you set for yourself. If your child feels that way, he will be able to do the same in his own life.

3. Appreciate

We do better when we get praise. So is your child. Appreciate his good deeds. As a result of praise, he will be encouraged. From that enthusiasm will come the desire to work harder.

4. Encourage to give feedback

There are generally two types of people in today’s society. One group has no opinion at all. The other party has a wide range of views on all issues. Raise your child differently from these two groups. Teach him to give honest and reasonable opinions. You want to know his opinion about something on your own. You will see, this is how your child will learn to give the right opinion one day.

5. Encourage to work

Give the child small tasks. If he can complete that, give him a small gift. You will see, in this way the idea of the satisfaction of completing his work will come.

6. Teach to make decisions

Let your child decide to have lunch one day a week. Appreciate that decision. This is how your child will become a decision-maker.

7. Inculcate patience and courage

In order to build life properly, develop these two essential traits in your child. These are the foundation stones of future leadership skills.

8. Teach to maintain individuality

Many times the child loses his individuality by following the role model. Be sure to keep that in mind. Let him think like himself.

9. Teach to think positive

Teach your child how to think optimistically. And also teach him how to address negative thinking by immediately introducing some positive thinking into his mind. This is a helpful skill to learn and will always need.

10. Give him freedom in some context

Encourage your child to exercise freedom in some context. Also encourage him to express his individuality and to allow others to do the same as long as it does not cause harm to anyone.

Remember, if you want to make your child a pioneer, first you have to become a pioneer or a role model in his life. May Allah help you to make your child a leader or pioneer.