How To Reap Rewards In Ramadan If You’re Unable To Fast

Fasting Contributor
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Ramadan as we know, is one of the most anticipated month for Muslims all around the world because of its immense blessings and rewards. This is when Muslims take the opportunity to increase their iman and connect with our Creator. It is the aim of Muslims to make the most out of this holy month. Time and time again we’ve come across articles that share ways to reap rewards and blessings throughout Ramadan, but what about those who are unable to fast? Ideally, we all want to benefit from Ramadan, but there are people who can’t fast due to several factors like health reasons including pregnancy or menses for women. Breastfeeding mothers are also exempted from fasting during Ramadan if they feel that their health or the baby’s health would be affected by fasting.

“God does not charge a soul except (with that within) its capacity.” Quran (2:286).

By the Mercy of Allah SWT, there are alternate ways for us to make the most out of Ramadan even if we are unable to fast. Here are several ways to reap benefits from Ramadan when you can’t fast.


Make Dua (Supplication)

Never underestimate the power of du’a. It is an essential tool to strengthen our relationship to Allah SWT and bring us closer to him.  Pour out your heart to Him, and ask Him to enable you to spend Ramadan in a manner most pleasing to Him. Set aside some time in the day when you can just sit down and focus on making du’a. Create a du’a list beforehand if you want to.



Read and Understand The Quran

To the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Ramadan was known as the month of Quran because the Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan. This is why many Muslims try to complete its recitation because the rewards are multiplied. Though it’s not obligatory to complete the Quran recitation, it would be great to gain benefits by taking a step further by not only reading the Quran but understanding the meaning behind each Surah by reading the translation or commentary.


Do Charity

Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that: The Prophet (PBUH) was asked which fast was the most virtuous after Ramadan? He said: Sha’ban in honour of Ramadan. He said: Which charity is best? Prophet (PBUH) said: Charity in Ramadan.”

Doing charity even when its not Ramadan is an easy way to reap rewards from Allah SWT and Muslims are always reminded to be generous and increase their charitable activities. Seize this opportunity to do charity in this Holy month as rewards are multiplied.

“Indeed, those who practice charity have loaned Allah SWT a goodly loan; it will be multiplied for them and they will have a noble reward.” (Quran 57:18).

Doing charity is incredibly easy, but one must be sincere in their act of righteousness. There are many acts of charity which we can do, such as help an elderly neighbour, donate money to the needy, or even as simple as smiling at someone. You can also choose charity organisations to support.


Feed the Fasting

The whole Muslim community worldwide observe the fast during Ramadan, but the harsh reality is that not everyone is blessed enough to break fast with complete, wholesome meals. However big or small the contribution, reach out to people and help those in need. You can make it a goal to feed someone iftar no matter the relation, it could be family members, friends or even strangers. The reward for feeding a fasting person is immense!

At the end of the day, stay productive and motivated throughout the month of Ramadan. Being unable to fast doesn’t mean you lose out on its benefits. Seize the opportunity to reap rewards in any way you can. Set goals, be determined and strive to achieve it. It could be working on your character, helping others, etc. Also, being excused from fasting is not exactly a good reason to sleep in all day. Let us all benefit from Ramadan in ways that we can, insyaAllah.