How to Relax Effectively in Islam


As a general rule, the majority of people don’t work their hardest in the workplace most of the time. Albeit, there are times when even the laziest of us concentrates and works hard for a certain, prolonged amount of time. We should relax!

Returning from work however, most people don’t know what it means to relax efficiently. After a hard day of work in the car, the taxi driver might come back to his house, munch a bit while watching tv on the couch and go to bed around 12:00am.

Someone working in the office will most likely follow a similar routine, with maybe a dinner out or a walk at the mall at best.

It does happen that after a long day, when we come back to our house from work, there is often not enough time nor motivation to do anything else but lie down and watch a tv series or scroll through memes.

What does appear counterintuitive, is that such activity promotes bad rest during the night, thus, less energy for the following day. First of all, if you work in the office or drive a car all day, you are almost constantly in your chair or seat.

Maybe you get up for a coffee once in a while, but humans aren’t that accustomed to not moving. Consequently, it is most important in such a scenario to have a physical activity to compensate for the daily lack of movement.

Insomnia is often caused by a lack of sport, as the body doesn’t get tired in the time that the mind needs to rest after a whole day of functioning. As time is of the essence for most in this position, a great activity to practise would be an hour or so of yoga after work.

This activity is great for the mind, as well as the body. Most optimal would off course be to join a yoga class, yet it is still possible to proceed with it individually, drawing from online video sources.

In parallel, a good rest before transcending to sleep comes from a good change of activity. Yoga will simultaneously help you stretch your uptight muscles that have cramped up throughout the day, give them the necessary workout to keep them from dissipating and clear your thoughts through an activity that makes you focus on detaching yourself from your previous state of mind.

Performing a daily routine as such can greatly assist you in getting closer to Allah (SWT). Allah’s Apostle said, “If anyone of you feels drowsy while praying he should go to bed (sleep) till his slumber is over because in praying while drowsy, one does not know whether one is asking for forgiveness or for a bad thing for oneself.” – Sahih Bukhari

Shortly after getting into a rhythm of proper relaxation, you will gain the motivation to perform more prayers and what you think and ask for will be much more readily received by Allah (SWT).

On the weekend however, an individual is likely to succumb to the ease of homely activities and dedicate extensive amounts of time to looking at the screen. A great alternative, though it might be relatively warm outside, is visiting a hammam or sauna.

The heat and evaporated water are a great medium for getting a good blood flow in your body and your skin, cleansing you from the accumulated toxins of the week.

Many such activities exist and it is most important to know which ones to pick in order to relax properly. The reason for this is that when someone is well rested, he is energetic and ready to do much more than someone who wakes up tired. Once you are enter a good resting pattern, your enthusiasm for continuing your work and doing other activities will gradually rise, bringing you even closer to Allah in your daily life.

Enjoy Ali Huda! Exclusive for your kids.