How to remain productive even after Ramadan?

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A true Muslim builds his or her own ideologies in the 30 days of Ramadan. Through dedication and devotion to Almighty Allah and kindness to the ummah, we learn the impact and true meaning of Islam. According to scholars, we become most productive during Ramadan. But after completion of this Holy month, the productivity begins to reduce. Today, in this article, we will discuss how true Muslims can sustain their productivity even after Ramadan.

As pious Muslims, we get the opportunity to be fully forgiven by Almighty Allah during the last ten days of Ramadan. Actually, we must compare how we live in Ramadan with how we live throughout the rest of the year. Then only we can measure that how productive we become in this pious month. Productivity helps us to become who we always dream to become. It improves our life and other aspects of it.

The tips to help you sustain your Ramadan productivity levels are as followed:

1. Make Du’a to Almighty Allah:

We conclude the blessed month of Ramadan with a huge level of positive energy and spirituality. We become truly pious. But after the month of Ramadan, shaytan becomes active. He tries to steal away our spirituality from us. Only asking for blessings aka Du’a from Allah can keep Shaytan at bay. Thus, we will be able to maintain our spirituality.

2. Avoid laziness:

Do not return to your old destructive habits. And never ever return to an atmosphere that is unproductive. Old unproductive routines are tempting. In Ramadan, we tend to get rid of these bad habits. But we must keep in mind that the basis of Ramadan is building a new life for a spiritual and pious journey. So, if you return to your old habit after those pious 30 days, you are actually ruining your own spirituality.

3. Start observing new routines post Ramadan:

A true Muslim will set new routines and will try to stick to them. This new routine must consist of at least 30 percent of what we tried to achieve in Ramadan. For example, reading the Holy Qur’an every day. Never missing the prayers. Indulging in sadaqah. Remember, Allah wants us to build a healthy and honest Ummah, we must abide by his wishes.

4. Enroll in study groups:

Everyone indulges in Ibadat in Ramadan. It becomes easy as it has a collective focus on it. But we should maintain Ibadat even after the month of Ramadan. Moreover, we must attend religious discussions and study groups once or twice a week throughout the year. It will help us to understand our religion and community more.

5. Maintaining the spirit just like Ramadan:

We should be spirited just like we become in the month of Ramadan. For example, if we feel tired of reading the Qur’an every day, we must remember what we did in this holy month. And continue following that track.

Ramadan is the month when true Muslims rediscover themselves. When they complete the journey of 30 days, they gain the ultimate focus of his life. We must never stop rediscovering as it will help us to reach our beloved Allah.

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