How to Stop Social Media From Taking Over Your Life

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Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on social media? A few minutes a day? A few hours? We know that everyone has their own ways of living, but if you are spending more time on social media than living your life to the fullest you may end up regretting it.

Social media when used appropriately is a good platform for interaction where we create, share or exchange news and ideas in virtual communities and networks. But sometimes the amount we spend on our phones scrolling the timelines and sharing vain information is just ludicrous. How many times have we delayed our solah or errands just to check up on our ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’?

Here are some simple ways to stop social media from taking over your life. You know what they say, “A little goes a long way. ”



No one can stop you from spending too much time on social media except for you. Yes, YOU. Get your priorities straight. List down what things should be done and do not procrastinate or delay. Vow here and now to stay off social media during meals, when commuting, and when you’re in the bathroom or in bed. Use the in-app time tracker (or install a reliable time tracker) to see how long you use your social media apps daily, and set an alert to remind you to stop using that app when time’s up.


Alarm clock

Huh, alarm clock? What does that have to do with our addiction to social media? If you use your mobile phone as an alarm, the first thing you’ll do each day is to stare into that phone screen. And from there, you will be tempted to open all sorts of other apps. An actual alarm clock should refrain you from using too much phone before going to sleep and after waking up. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a good alarm clock now.

Alter your notifications

Notifications on the phone are attention-span thieves! One minute you can be concentrating on one task and then another, after an alert on your phone, you’ll be checking in on a comment on Instagram. Some of us cannot avoid turning off all notifications as they might be work or family related,  however, what we can do is to alter them. We download a lot of apps on our mobile phones. Time to sit down and choose which notification to turn off, and which app to completely delete.  After this, your phone battery will thank you too.


Hang out with your friends

No phones are allowed when spending time with your loved ones. Communicate sincerely heart to heart and only then you can fully treasure that day and cherish it for the rest of your life. You will realize how much value there is in spending time together with them in flesh and blood rather than chatting through Facebook. Concentrate on enjoying the real live interaction.

1-hour rule

Do not use your phone one hour before going to sleep. Instead, you can read a book, spend time with family members or pets, grab a pen and list down a to-do-list for the next day to get you organized or maybe just relax and meditate your body and mind to sure you get a good rest.



It might be very hard to control yourself scrolling down your social media feeds, but tiny little steps are all you need. And a little perseverance with a bit of determination. Train your brain that the new routine is a good thing by rewarding it for a job well done until the habit is strong enough to happen automatically. For example, if you work social media-free for an hour, give yourself a 10-minute reward break to do whatever you please. And, if you make it through your whole day social media-free, give yourself an hour of personal time in the evening as a reward.

Spend one week tracking how much time you spend on social media. The results will shock you and likely challenge you to change your behaviour. Once you adjust your social media habits, see if your world sparks up a bit. Right now, at this very moment, you are online. You’ve probably just spent five minutes of your precious time reading this article. Hopefully, you have earned value from those five minutes.

You have 525,595 minutes over the next year to accomplish a breakthrough goal towards reaching your dreams. Utilize that time carefully and wisely.

Contributed by: Khairina Fikri

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