How to utilize the Rajab month for spiritual gain?

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utilize the Rajab
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Some Interesting Facts about Rajab

The month of Rajab is called Rajab Al-Haram (Sacred Rajab) because it’s one of the four sacred months, during which fighting and any kind of oppression are prohibited. It’s also called Rajab Al-Fard (Solitary Rajab), because it’s separated from the other three successive sacred months (Dhul-Qadah, Dhul-Hijjah, and Muharram). Rajab comes five months after them. Rajab also witnessed the miraculous Night Journey, Al-Isra and Al-Miraj, with which Allah honored His beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Are you conscious of your actions?

Rajab (and other three months) are called Haram (sacred) for two reasons:

1) Because war or fighting is forbidden in these months. But if the enemy starts the war first, it is a different matter.

2) Engaging in Haram or sinful deeds in these months is more sinful than engaging in other months.

That is why Allah has forbidden us to commit sins during these months. Allah says, “Do not wrong yourselves during these months.” Although it is forbidden to commit sins in any other month like these; Moreover, committing sins in these months is more deadly and extreme audacity.

The only way you can make sure you do not wrong yourself in these months is to be conscious of your deeds. How many times do we relax and loosen up in our worship?

Let’s use these sacred months, given to us by our Almighty Creator, to take account of ourselves! Think about the present state of your heart. Reflect on your present life and deeds. Have you really been aware of what you have been saying and doing to others? What is your relationship with the Quran? Have you given any priority in your life to learning and understanding the Holy words of your Creator?

Get prepared for Ramadan

Another thing is that the Rajab month comes at an extremely important time of the year for you. It comes when the holy Ramadan is near! While some specific acts of worship in Rajab are disputed, you can do many good deeds to benefit and prepare for the favorite guest: Ramadan!

Here are some spiritual productivity tips to utilize the Rajab month in a proper way:

1. Think about your intention

Without thinking about intention any deeds can’t perform in a proper way. So, you should apply these tips with the intention to mentally and physically prepare for the Holy month of Ramadan!

2. Seek forgiveness, and forgive others

Don’t wrong yourself in these months. But we all have sinned. Strive for a tawbah- sincere repentance. Ask Allah to forgive you, so you can start the Ramadan with a heart that feels light and strong enough to worship Him well. Also, try to forgive others for their wrongs that they’ve done to you. So that your heart won’t have ill-feelings or grudges and will free to enjoy the worship in Ramadan!

3. Fast some extra days

There is no authentic narration from the Prophet (SAW) stating that there is a special virtue in fasting in the Rajab or sacred months. The same fasting is also prescribed here as in the other months. For example Monday and Thursday of a week and the mid-three days of the lunar month.

There is no better way to prepare for Ramadan mentally and physically than to fast some extra days. So if you have never fasted on Monday or Thursday, start at least one day (Monday/Thursday) a week!

4. Deprive yourself

Start training yourself to resist by not engaging in Haram or wrong things and your Nafs desires. This will set the tone for you to control your Nafs or wrong desires in Ramadan.

5. Think about charity

In this month do more and more charitable deeds consciously and with the intention to please your Lord. Think about so many good deeds you can do. Help someone, cook for someone, make your mother smile, give a compliment, and even trying to stay away from all of your bad habits.

6. Make Dua

Ask Allah for mercy and forgiveness and to bless us to reach Ramadan. Also, ask Allah to accept your past good deeds.

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