How useful is a water treadmill ?

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water treadmill

Inventions frequently happen by mixing together two previously known elements into a new form, acting to meet new needs and demand in society. Some of such combinations were never meant to be. And though they seemingly share the characteristics of two good things, they end up creating unearthly abominations. But is the water treadmill one of these unorthodox inventions ?

The answer might be surprising, but no. In the past few years, the water treadmill has shown very impressive results. The impact of which cannot be neglected in the scope of multiple fields. Indeed, the water treadmill isn’t a very new invention, though if you haven’t come across it as of yet, it might in effect spark your interest.

Is water treadmill better than the classical treadmill ?

These water-trained treadmills are commonly placed in a special pool where athletes further train in aquatic conditions. They seek to improve on aspects like cardiovascular stamina, muscle strength, increasing flexibility and even the recovering of tissues after injuries.

Underwater treadmills have also shown themselves to be a pertinent method. Specially, when it comes to reducing the risk of injury “due to both the soothing factors to reduce swelling and the low-stress, strength-building benefits of exercise in an underwater environment”, states HydroWorx on their website, patent holder for the water treadmill.

Likewise, as compared to training experiments on regular treadmills, the effects on weight loss after a three week course have been significantly more impressive with the hydro-mill than with el-classico.

If we were to compare however, it would be hard to say that the water treadmill is essentially superior to the land based one as they are engaged in different environments. Though it certainly has some note-worthy advantages, namely based on the different environment in which it exists.

Before buying a water treadmill

Although if you’re considering buying a water treadmill for a less serious motive than intense sports training during quarantine, you might first want to consider the wide array of water exercises you can practice using only your body. That also successfully help with rehabilitation from injuries and prevent stiffening of joints.

One aspect, however, where the water treadmill becomes hard to replace. That is vis-à-vis animal rehabilitation and injury recovery. Walking on hydro-mills helps feline and canine pets alike to relax during the session of therapy. The pets with multiple fragile bones are less strained by the rehabilitation process due to the minimal impact that a water-based environment provides.

Overall, it is an amusing cross-breed apparatus that has shown real results in the domain of human and animal health. Most notable are the sports benefits of this type of training. As well as weight loss.

How much do you really need one? Well a human water walker, alongside its water container unit, would set you back around $80,000. For an animal one on the other hand, you wouldn’t actually need to empty your wallet too much. As many veterinarian clinics offer such procedures, which usually cost from $30 to $50.

Ultimately, everything depends on your motives. Personally I would consider body water exercises first, unless I had a recovering pet or had the regime and finances of Muhammad Ali.


(Written by Hussein Al-Bahir)

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