I Have Too Many Sins, will Allah Forgive Me?

Islam for Beginners Contributor

“In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.” This introductory verse of every chapter serves as a reminder to all who read the Quran that He is Most Gracious, and the Most Merciful.

Sometimes we need that reminder when we are feeling downcast, guilty, or regret about our actions and the sins we’ve committed. Allah (SWT) is the most merciful and He loves to forgive. No matter how great a sin is or how often it is repeated, Allah’s mercy is greater. He wants us to know that through Him anything is possible, if we look to Him support and forgiveness.

In our life we face challenges and, if Allah wishes to purify us, He will give us trials. Allah will put us through hardships according to the degree of our faith, because He loves us. And those when they did immorality or wronged themselves – they remember Allah then ask forgiveness for their sins – and who (can) forgive the sins except Allah? And not they persist on what they did while they know. –Quran [3:135]

When your heart is heavy and your mind is anxious, turn to Allah limitless Mercy. No matter what you’re facing, He’s there for you.“Indeed my Lord is near and responsive – Quran [11:62]”. A good Muslim is one who never stops trying to be better and tries his/her best to be an obedient servant of Allah, who repents and who doesn’t lose hope in Allah’s mercy. The day that you lose hope in Allah’s mercy is the day Satan has won.

 “Never give up hope of Allah’s mercy.Truly no one despairs of Allah’s relief (mercy) except those who have no faith.” – [Quran,12:87]

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