Ideal Muslim Character: Dream or Reality

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Ideal Muslim
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Can the ideal Muslim character be attained in real life? Must we not make concessions due to the fact that mundane life places certain restrictions on the extent to which an ideal Muslim personality can be realised? Let us take a look. What shall those ideal traces of character be for a Muslim?

An ideal Muslim would have deep and unwavering faith in Allah the Exalted, God the Almighty. An ideal Muslim has not one trace of doubt that everything in this world happens by order from Allah and therefore he will remember Allah at all times, be true and obedient to Him.

His faith is nurtured and supported by the Holy Book of Quran and the Sunnah, of which he receives daily instruction and support, which he reads regularly and over which he deliberates at times of quiet.

An ideal Muslim will recognise Allah’s power over him and the fact that nothing can be achieved without God’s intervention therefore he will pray to God at all times and seek His guidance and the direction towards the Path of Righteousness.

The path of righteousness is abstaining from sins, that means, an ideal Muslim will shun any sinful behaviour like avoiding namaz, disrespecting fasting during the Holy Month and partaking of haram food.

An ideal Muslim will also remember to take good care of his body, for bodily fitness is prescribed by Allah to be one of the chief virtues in Islam. This means to eat and drink well but not to excess, “eat and drink, but be not excessive.

Indeed, He likes not those who commit excess.” (7:31) This also means regular exercise to keep your body strong and not to be weak. And this means as well keeping the body clean at all times.

An ideal Muslim will keep his mind fit as well, he will strive to get proper education and will seek new knowledge with the help of Allah. “So high above all is Allah, the Sovereign, the Truth. And, O Muhammad, do not hasten with recitation of the Quran before its revelation is completed to you, and say, “My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” (20:114)

An ideal Muslim will be mindful of his family, his parents, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters, his friends. Love and temperance shall serve him as his tools to keep everyone of these people well looked after and happy.

An ideal Muslim will be respectful and obedient with his parents, loving and gentle with his wife and kids, helpful and understanding with his brothers and sisters, friendly with his neighbours. He will never let his temper take the better of him, never raise his voice and never get bitter. He will mend any sores by patience and persistence in love.

An ideal Muslim will not envy anyone, will never fail to fulfill his promise, will never backbite anyone. He will always be fair in his judgement, will be generous and will never remind anyone of his gifts and favours.

Some will say, if that is the list of things that make an ideal Muslim, then all of them cannot be realised in one person. And yet, do not be haste in your judgement. Usually, there only a few things from that list that are lacking, the rest of them are present in all of us. We all believe in Allah and his Omnipotence, we all turn to Allah in prayer and fast in the month of Ramadan. The rest is but a matter of effort. Try it and you will see – an ideal Muslim is not fantasy, it is a reality that can be yours.

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