Importance of listening to your children

Family Contributor
Muslim Parent and Child

When we actively listen to children in our family, we may not realise how beneficial listening is for both parents and children.

Listen to children to make them feel welcomed

Listening to our children helps us to strengthen our relationship with them. They will feel as though they can express their thoughts to us as they know we are actively listening to them. They will see that we are making an effort to make them feel welcome and accepted, so they do not try to seek this attention elsewhere in places where it could possibly be unsafe for them to do so. It is beneficial for our children to know that they can voice their opinions in the comfort of their home environment, and this will also help them to rid any feelings of loneliness that can sometimes appear in children, especially if they do not see their family members for much of the day.

Better understanding of child psychology

Through listening to our children, we could also be preventing problems from arising that could result from not being as attentive when having conversations with them. When we listen to our children, we are giving ourselves the chance to really find out and give due care to understanding what is going through the minds of our children, so that we can guide them as best as we can.

When we listen attentively to our children and really show them that we are engaged in whatever the topic is, they will feel that we do care and that we are not being dismissive or getting distracted. This will encourage them to come and talk to us. Listening to them patiently when they are at a young age may seem like a simple task, but it will certainly help them to grow up feeling more confident and secure about themselves in later years.

Opens up restrictions

Listening patiently to our children also motivates them to be more open with us. It stops them from feeling as though they need to be restricted in what they can tell us, or hesitant about what we may say to them in response. This is a feeling that they could also carry into later years. Listening to our children and trying not to use our phones or devices during these conversations is crucial and it really impacts the relationship we have with our children.

When we are actively engaged in our conversations with our children, it also sets an example to them. They learn from what we do and they imitate the actions and behaviours of those around them. Therefore, when they see us listening attentively, they learn about the importance and respect in listening to people carefully.

Positive and confident

Children will also feel more confident when we listen to them, and this confidence will help them in their school years as well as later on in life. They will feel assured about having their own opinions and they will be less likely to feel insecure if they hear that the opinions of others are different to their own. They will develop a healthier understanding of how to communicate respectfully with others, whilst knowing how to be positive about their own views.