Improving Efficiency in Online Education

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ID 146049829 © Supoj Buranaprapapong |
ID 146049829 © Supoj Buranaprapapong |

There are many ways to help our children with their online education. This topic has become increasingly important, especially as children are having to take part in online learning and digital schooling. There are different steps we can take to help our children adapt to these changes.

For example, we can try to remove anything from their learning space at home that distracts them from completing the necessary tasks. Particularly with younger children, it can be difficult for them to focus on learning if they are surrounding by things designed for play, such as toys.

Furthermore, if possible, we could try to ensure that there is a time period in which it is quiet enough for children to concentrate on tasks. This will help to prevent them from becoming side-tracked by conversations they are hearing or sounds from devices.

Avoid becoming overwhelmed

When children are learning at home, we should make sure they are still taking breaks as they would at school, as it is important for them to feel refreshed and ready to continue with work. This will also help them to follow a routine and establish stability. We could use a timer to help them with this, as well as ensuring they have snacks and go out for fresh air, even briefly. This will help them to concentrate and avoid becoming overwhelmed or frustrated by their work.

At school, there is also time scheduled in for children to play and have fun, so it is important that we also include these periods of time in their routine. We could ask them to choose a fun activity that they would like to do and we could facilitate that for them, or participate in the activity ourselves.

Online education is no excuse to fall behind

Reminding our children that learning is important whether they are at school or at home is also helpful. We should encourage them to work hard and explain to them that if they waste the time in which they should be working at home, it will primarily be their loss. This will show them that it is crucial for them to focus on learning, and that being at home is not an excuse to fall behind.

Helping our children to create and follow a clear schedule will make it easier for them to learn more effectively. We could ask them to write down their own schedule so that they feel more motivated to follow it, whilst guiding them along the way. For example, we could explain to them why sleep is so important and ensure that there is a healthy amount of time scheduled into their routine for sleep, with a sensible time to go to sleep and wake up.

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